Humbled By Your Service celebrates 1st Anniversary

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‘Humbled By Your Service’proudly celebrated its 1-year anniversary on April 3, 2021 with a memorable event held at Johnson Park in Piscataway, NJ. As the sun shone brightly on their banner, the founders and supporters looked back on the fortune of having helped ease the difficulties of many in the community this past year.

Humbled By Your Service (HBYS) began as a group of concerned individuals wanting to help a family affected by Covid. What started as a food drive for a family of 6, led to a group who experienced firsthand how each person can truly make a difference.

They were in awe of the front liners and organizations working tirelessly every day during the pandemic and knew they had to do their part in supporting them. This group of individuals named themselves – Humbled By Your Service and set out on their mission of “Filling the Voids of Society”.

From delivering food and PPE to front liners at hospitals and nursing homes, to water drives and collections for food pantries, they became unstoppable. Donors came from places least expected and support continued to grow. Everyone seemed to understand the only way to survive this difficult time was to help each other through it.

With overwhelming support from the community, HBYS officially became a non-profit organization in January 2021.What makes this organization special is that the founding members, board, and core team of supporters voluntarily fund expenses so 100% of all donations can go directly to those in need. Screenshot 20210407 082941

Key founding members and core volunteers currently make up the board and have helped Humbled By Your Service grow to what it is today. Alka Aneja (President) and Anju Malik (Vice President)spearheaded the formation of this organization and continue to lead the missions of HBYS; Chandrashekhar Vyas (Secretary) has kindly allowed the use of his home this past year as the main collection point for all supplies donated; GiteshMalick (Procurement), makes sure all missions run smoothly; Hardik Brahmbhatt(Social Media) offers his professional knowledge of technology to create an onlinepresence for HBYS;Reshma Rajani (Treasurer) makes sure every penny donated to Humbled By Your Service is accounted for; Chandresh Shah (Marketing) gets the word out about all the great work HBYS does.

IMG 4997While they have supported many one-time missions, HBYS also has ongoing missions with Casa of Middlesex County, Dina’s Dwelling, Manavi, and supporting a cow sanctuary in PA. Along with these, Humbled By Your Service continues to be on the lookout for individuals and organizations in the community that may need a helping hand.

Founding members, supporters, and volunteers felt the successes and milestones achieved this past year were a cause for celebration. Whether it was hardworking volunteers offering their time and efforts or generous donors providing monetary support, HBYS wanted to recognize all those who went the extra mile to help them in their missions.

In addition to the core team, HBYS recognized Mr. SanjeevAneja, owner of OnTrack Realtyfor his generous donation of $5000; their media partners Manat International TV, Radio Mirchi, & TV Asia for spreading the word; Mithaas Restaurant for sponsoring the food for the 1-year anniversary celebration; and, of course, all the donors and volunteers for their continued support and encouragement.

For more information and to support the latest missions, please visit and follow on Facebook & Instagram @humbledbyyourservice

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