India & Global Crisis: Difficult scenario

India & Global crisis Difficult scenario


Present scenario of global crisis is a driving force to share some views with readers at large. The crisis of pandemic has been witnessed for more than two years now and is still going on. Not only natural crisis but also man made crisis of war, which has prolonged for a very long time, will leave bad scars on mankind.  

In this scenario India has been successful on various fronts likeeconomical, social, political etc.  Presently India is a shining star on top of world graph. Coming back to present and future of India, nobody can deny how successfully it has tackled with pandemic crisis and simultaneously taken care of growth of economy which has been appreciated worldwide.

At this point of time I would like to share comparison chart of % change in Stock Indices of various countries taking into account the effect of appreciation/depreciation of respective currencies against US Dollar.

Years/Index% Change in Dow Jones in US$% change in FTSE 100 Index in US$% change in NIKKEI 225 Index in US$% change in Shanghai Composite Index in US$% change in BSE in US$
1 year
(30-06-2021 to 30-06-2022)
2 years
(30-06-2020 to 30-06-2022)
3 years
(30-06-2019 to 30-06-2022)
4 years
(30-06-2018 to 30-06-2022)
5 years
(30-06-2017 to 30-06-2022)

The picture is very clear that in spite of devaluation of currency, Indian stock market is least affected in last year i.e. June 21 – June 22, when the world at large is facing worst crisis. One can also see comparable chart of last 5 years wherein India’s Stock Market has given the second highest returns.

We can see that in spite of rupee devaluation, Indian Stock Market has shown its strength as market is extremely well placed for growth. The inflation in India will be lower than western countries and also with regulators in India continuously monitor this space.

In spite of all odds globally, Indian economy is becoming stronger day by day. The credit goes to Indian Government’s contribution towards infrastructure developments, privatization, reforms on various fronts, technology developments towards Digital India, creating positive and friendly environment for all big business houses to grow, resulting into huge profit earnings by them during current year. India is going through an amazing transformation with lot of opportunities of growth at all the levels.

The turbulence in market had little impact on investors flow as they are confident that the Indian’s growth strength is intact and markets will turn positive once the dust settles.

India’s story in total value of global equities hit a decade hike of 3.1% on 3-months rolling basis rebounding sharply from the decade low cost in March 2020 when Covid stuck, India is currently the fifth largest contributor to world market cap.

Recently in last five sessions the Sensex gained more than 4% and foreign investors have started pouring money, inflation has peaked and worst of it has been dealt with , also interest rates may not be aggressive , which are all positive signs for Indian Stock Market to rise.

There may be volatility in the short term but market should do very well in long term as all the factors taking the economic growth on fast track are affirmatively working. India’s macro picture remains relatively stronger vis-à-vis other economies, supplemented by policy reforms by the government. This year India is expecting 7.5% growth which makes it the fastest growing major economy.

Today we all feel proud that India has set an example to whole world how to manage unforeseen crisis and go ahead on path of development.

It is very natural that Indian Stock Market Indices will have remarkable rise as it is part of one of the fastest developing economy with a strong base. This is right time to opt for investment in growth oriented schemes of Indian Mutual Funds.

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