It was andolanjeevis who helped India break free of colonial rule: Farmers’ body

It was andolanjeevis who helped India break free of colonial rule Farmers' body

NEW DELHI: As the protests over the new farm laws entered the 76th day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed the issue in the Rajya Sabha. The word ‘andolanjeevi’ (professional protesters), used by the PM, has come in for sharp criticism from the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM), for allegedly being derogatory to farmers.

Reacting to the PM’s address, a statement by the SKM said: “We condemn the charge made by the PM and we would like to remind him that it was andolanejeevis who helped India break free from colonial rulers and so we are proud of being andolanjeevis.”

“It is the BJP and its forefathers who have never participated in an agitation against the British. They were always afraid of people’s movements and that is why they are afraid of people’s movements even now.”

On Monday, Prime Minister Modi once again spoke about resolving the impasse over the farm laws through dialogue.

According to the SKM, if the government still accepts their demands, farmers would be happy to return to till the fields. It is the government’s stubborn attitude that is prolonging the agitation and giving rise to further and activism andolanjeevis.

Speaking about MSP on Monday, PM Modi has said MSP will continue. “Hollow statements on MSP won’t help the farmers in any manner and such meaningless statements had been made in the past as well. Farmers will only gain in a meaningful manner if a legal guarantee is given on MSP for all crops,” said the statement.

The PM also warned people against the new meaning of ‘FDI’ as Foreign Destructive Ideology. About this, the farmers’ body statement said: “We are opposed to all kinds of FDI. The PM’s FDI comment is also dangerous, even we want to keep away from any Foreign Destructive Ideology.”

On Monday, Modi also said: “We are familiar with the words shramjeevi and buddhijeevi. But a new ‘breed’ of agitators called ‘andolanjeevi’ has emerged in the country, who cannot live without an agitation and the nation should guard against them.”

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