Mahavir Jyot organizes knee camps in India


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MUMBAI: A non- profit, MahavirJyot, organized two knee-camps at different places in suburbs of Mumbai for patients with knee problems using the modern, Blood and Bone marrow stem cell treatment techniques. A total of 68 patients were treated.

The first-camp was at Goregaon, Mumbai. A total of 47 patients were treated included Jain monks. The common people were charged a minimum with no profit considerations.
In this treatment around 50 ml blood is taken from the patients then processed and injected in knees. Similarly, bone marrow was taken from the tibia of the patients and processed giving back to the same patients. It was done this way to ensure that it was autologous. No outside stem cell was taken.

The second camp on February 23, 2020, at Ghatkopartreated21 Jain monks. Total expenses were taken care of by MahavirJyot. TheseJainmonks belong to Acharya Ratansundarsuriji MaharajSaheb andNyayVisharad Acharya Shree BhuvanbhanuSurishwarjiShishyaRatna. Acharya Shree HanshRatnaSuriswarjiMaharajSahebHanshratna has fasted for 180 days straight (that is six months continuously) not once but three times. At present his 70 Mas-khaman that is 70 times one month fast is in progress.

It is worth noting that many patients including Jain monks got benefited from this line of treatment. This was the fifth camp by MahavirJyot. For the past four years. MahavirJyot has been conducting knee-camps for Jain monks in Mumbai and Kutch area of Gujarat state. The camps are especially for OsteoArthritis of knees, elbow ankle and shoulder joints.
In India, the first patient was treated in 2013 and almost 7 years since she has no pain in her knees. In 2013 doctors had advised her knee replacement but she preferred blood stem cell treatment to knee replacement surgery.
JyotiDharod, a prime organizer, is a scientist, perfusionist and ECMO specialist residing in the USA. She travels every year, for offering treatment.
The MahavirJyot team comprises of JyotiDharod, Dr Suresh Shetty, Pankaj Dharod, HarshaDharod, Sanika Dharod, Jaya Vora, JitubhaiDedhia, Krupali Shahand andDevji Gala.