People in the industry scared: Aahana Kumra on #MeToo

MUMBAI: Actor Aahana Kumra, who had accused Sajid Khan of inappropriate behaviour during a professional meeting, says people in the industry are now scared post the #MeToo movement.
The actor says fear, which wasn’t there earlier, has set in the industry and it is a good development.
“Something good that has happened in the film industry because of these conversations (is) that people are scared while speaking to women. At least that fear has come and that fear is important. Respect has always been there but it’s important to have that fear,” Aahana told reporters.
The actor was speaking at the launch of her ZEE5 webseries “Rangbaaz”, Tuesday night.

Aahana said the #MeToo movenent has been a “huge realisation” for both men and women and a time of serious introspection.
“When big CEOs, content writers and casting agents are removed or get their names removed from films, which is happening, they get a huge setback. Then they also realise they have done something bad to someone.
“Life is so long that you don’t realise you have hurt someone because you are living your life comfortably. You don’t even realise that you have made people around you feel bad. #Metoo movement has been a huge realisation for both men and women,” she added.
The actor had herself come out and spoken about Sajid after the filmmaker was ousted for indecent behaviour and sexual misconduct by two actors and a journalist.
Aahana said the women who came out were brave and her going public with the ordeal has given her a much needed closure. PTI