Was reduced to sensational headlines: Nigam on his ‘would be better if I was from Pakistan’ remark

MUMBAI: Sonu Nigam has said the comment he made at a media summit recently that it “would be better if I was from Pakistan” was taken out of context.
According to report, the singer on Sunday had said that sometimes he wishes he was from Pakistan so he would get more offers from India.
In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Sonu said journalists missed the “real content” and his statement was “reduced” to “sensational” headlines.
The singer said he was simply trying to make a point about paying more royalty to the music companies for concert performances, something which the artistes from across the border don’t face.
“Sometimes in an attempt to make headlines catchy and sensational, some journalists miss the real content. Yesterday’s AajTak Summit happened so amazing, and look what have they reduced it to…
“My point about being better off being born in Pakistan was about the music companies in India asking Indian singers to pay 40-50 per cent of their concerts remunerations to them, and only then they’ll work with those artistes… But they don’t ask the same from the singers from abroad, namely Pakistan. This was the important point I made… And these guys… changed it to ‘I would have been better off born in Pakistan I’d have work come my way.’ What do I say? Pathetic,” Sonu wrote on Facebook.
Sonu reportedly rued the prevailing culture of remixes and how they were limiting for singers and joked, “Sometimes, I feel like it would be better if I was from Pakistan. At least I would get offers from India.”

The line became a huge controversy online with people criticising the singer.
In recent past, Sonu had hit headlines for criticising the use of loudspeakers at places of religious importance PTI