BAPS raises $165,000 for planting 1 lakh trees

BAPS Charities volunteers and Board members present The Nature Conservancys with the check of $165,000 which will help plant 100,000 trees
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BAPS Charities volunteers and Board members present The Nature Conservancys with the check of $165,000 which will help plant 100,000 trees

CHICAGO: BAPS Charities supported The Nature Conservancy (TNC) through Walk Green 2017, a series of walkathons hosted by BAPS Charities in centers across the country. BAPS Charities presented TNC executives and program leadership with a check for $165,000. The donation will help to plant 100,000 trees in 2017 and support the Plant a Billion Trees Initiative.

BAPS Charities volunteers and Board members presented The Nature Conservancy’s Troy Ettel, Director of Forest Conservation, with the check which was followed by a tree-planting ceremony. Also present were Myriam Dormer, Urban Conservation Director; Rachel Holmes, Urban Forester; Maria Fisher, Donor Stewardship Officer; and Erin Daly, Donor Relations Manager.

The event took place in Atlanta
Over the last six months, BAPS Charities have hosted their annual walkathons across North America. This year’s national partner and beneficiary, the Nature Conservancy, continues a partnership between BAPS Charities and the Conservancy from 2016. This year, over 22,000 individuals participated in the walks. These annual Walks have grown to 63 centers participating this year nationally.

“Participating in the BAPS Charities Walkathon is a tradition for my family. Every year we come together and use the opportunity to support the causes that BAPS Charities carefully selects.” said 16-year-old Aayush Patel.

With a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, the continued partnership between The Nature Conservancy and BAPS Charities is only natural. Last year, BAPS Charities organized Walkathons nationally, helping plant a total of 70,000 trees across the country to contribute to a broader goal of planting a billion trees by 2020.

“BAPS Charities activities reinforce the importance of serving others, raising awareness about important causes, and this year, protecting the planet through tree-planting practice is important to my family and me,” said Anand Mehta, a participant in the day’s activities.

More widely in its operations, BAPS Charities participates in energy efficiency planning through prioritizing the use of solar power, efficient fiber optics, and efficient lighting fixtures. This culture of environmental responsibility is at the core of BAPS Charities’ work and culture in promoting natural harmony.

BAPS also stepped in to help Hurricane victims in Texas recently. The widespread damage and catastrophic flooding made the recovery efforts challenging as roads and physical infrastructure were largely inaccessible. The essential needs of medical equipment, shelter, water, food, and emergency healthcare were critical for the relief and recovery efforts.

BAPS Charities volunteers responded to this call to action in Houston and surrounding areas. BAPS Charities and its volunteers worked alongside local state officials and first responders to provide assistance.

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