$18000 raised for religious minorities denied food aid in Pakistan

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Neela Pandya

WASHINGTON, DC: After several media reports that NGOs coordinating activities with the Government of Pakistan were denying food aid to non-Muslims following implementation of the nation’s coronavirus-related travel restrictions, the Hindu American Foundation urgently partnered with the Haray Rama Foundation in Sindh province to ensure food and supplies for religious minorities there.

In a matter of 72 hours, people from across the US responded to HAF’s appeal, contributing $12,000 — $6000 for Pakistani Hindus denied food aid in Sindh, as well as an additional $6000 for Pakistani Hindu refugees living in camps in Jodhpur, India. The Sindhi Hindu American community committed an additional $6000 in matching funds, raising the total disbursement funds to $18,000.

HAF’s Managing Director, Samir Kalra, said “Over the past decade, we’ve seen and heard directly from Pakistani Hindu refugees in India and religious minorities in Pakistan about the unimaginable difficulties and dangers they face as a result of institutional and social discrimination. COVID-19 lockdowns have only amplified their suffering.”

In order to do the best that can be done on humanitarian grounds, HAF organized a fund raising drive. Kalra observed that HAF is grateful to everyone who responded with generosity to helpHaray Rama Foundation in South Punjab, Pakistan providing food to vulnerable minority communities. HAF would also provide food and supplies to refugees in Jodhpur whom HAF has supported for years through Medical Seva programming.

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