Activist Iftekhar Shareef hosts EID Reception

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Eid Celebrations

Suresh Bodiwala

CHICAGO: A front-ranking community leader and a former FIA President, Iftekhar Shareef hosted reception on May 13, 2021 in Lincolnwood, a Chicago suburb in celebrating EId-ul-fitr encompassing exchange of greetings and collaborative interfaith work

The host Iftekhar Shareef extended EID wishes to all of his friends of various faiths and said this year’s EID celebration is being observed somberly in view of growing anguish with the lethal variant of the Covid ravaging India and many parts of the world. India would come out much stronger after the Covid faces eventual eradication, he observed. 

He indicated that the Indian Americans in Chicago would have grand India Independence Day celebrations and other major Indian festivals such as Diwali, Christmas, and Baisakhi once the Covid should get over.   All present greeted members of Shareef family and   each other.