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Aura Tea & Coffee

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Boba or coffee, which one is it today? We started off as two average Joe’s – no pun intended – with a crazy obsession for caffeine and boba. As two college students from Berkeley, we were accustomed to the daily pick-me-ups and all-nighters. It wasn’t until the beginning of quarantine when we both stepped on the scale and exchanged numbers. And we aren’t talking about phone numbers. We’re talking about worrisome 3 digit numbers that told us we were harming our bodies with excessive calories and sugar. Despite our unwillingness to accept that boba and coffee were the culprits, it only took a Google search to tell us that a cup of boba has 2x more sugar than a can of cola.

Our obsession kicked in with the caffeine. Our mission was to preserve all the goodness of bubble tea and coffee without all the sugary guilt. From our boba to our coffee, there’s not a single drop of sugar anywhere on our menu. And we didn’t stop there – for the love of everyone and our planet, we promised to keep all of our drinks plant-based. So, whether you’re on that keto-friendly diet or keeping it strictly vegan, you can always grab a cup of Aura.

One and a half years ago, we went from experimenting with boba recipes in our dorm room during our Zoom lectures to “So You Think You Can Dance’s” finalist, Kida The Great, taste testing Aura Tea. Today, after partnering with global plant-based milk company Oatly, local fitness companies like Fitness SF and Bollywood Dance Connection, and some of the most talented creators, dancers, and athletes, we realized that Aura Tea is more than just a drink. It’s a movement to bridge the community and to bring change-makers together. And just like that, Aura Tea & Coffee was born – the rise of non-dairy, low-calorie bubble tea & coffee with functional benefits.

After first launching online at UC Berkeley, we can’t wait to launch our first storefront in San Francisco near the Ferry Building this upcoming January. This time around, we’re helping you keep your New Year’s resolution!

Check out our website to purchase Aura DIY boba boxes, grab-n-go popping boba bottles, or even some raw tea or boba pearls. We deliver nationwide and offer free shipping to the Aura community. And of course, it’s all sugar-free and plant-based. See you soon!

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