Azharuddin visits Evia Travel

Azharuddin visits Evia Travel in Chicago

CHICAGO: It was a pleasant surprise for staff and customers of Evia Travel Inc as Mohammad Azharuddin, Member of Parliament and former Captain of Indian cricket team visited Evia Travel’s new premises at 5862 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago. He was accompanied by Iftekhar Shareef, well-known Indian community leader and FIA senior trustee.
Iftekhar Shareef mentioned that Evia Travel has successfully catered to Indian Hyderabadi community and Pakistani community for all travel needs. As an approved agent by Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Evia Travel has facilitated many families to perform Umrah on way to India or Pakistan.
Mohammad Azharuddin, who had earlier visited Evia Travel in 2007 remarked that the agency has come a long way assisting Desi community in North America. Having an old acquaintance with the owner of Evia Travel, A.Q. Siddiqui, an ex-Air India Hyderabad employee, Azharuddin remarked he remembered Siddiqui taking care of his PTA ticketing in 90’s when there were no e-ticketing methods. Iftekhar Shareef introduced Faizan and other staff members to Azharuddin. Siddiqui was however away for Umrah and trip to India.

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