Bad weather fails to dampen FIA’s R-Day banquet spirit

Dr Bharat Barai getting award for services to the community
Dr Bharat Barai getting award for services to the community

CHICAGO: If odds and hurdles were dotted on the path for planning FIA Republic Day Gala Dinner Banquet held on Sunday evening at Meadows Club, the inclement Chicago weather torpedoing electricity supply tried in vain to prevent Indian community members and trustees of Midwest’s oldest Indian umbrella organization in the celebration of the day. Most senior trustees were away.

Iftekhar Shareef rushed from Canada; Keerthi Kumar Ravoori made it for the day from India. Ranjit Ganguly was still holidaying in Australia while other seniors such as Dr Bharat Barai, Anil Pillai, Naren Patel, Babu Patel, Vir Joshi, Ram Gajjella were seen amidst the guests. In spite of bad weather conditions, Indian community members along with families and kids joined the event. The banquet hall was packed before the event could start. However the gusty winds blew power from the area and the Meadows Club switched to emergency lights.

Candles were lit on the tables and dinner was announced. The low lights and a silent stage could not dampen the spirits of organizers and community members. The DJ turned it on and youngsters danced on stage with the loud shrills of bands. Earlier, Hina Trivedi and Minhaj Akhter formally announced the inauguration of ceremony by reciting Indian and US national anthems. Much to the joy of FIA members, lights turned on in the hall. An award ceremony was soon organized on stage.

Dr Bharat Baraai and Air India Manager Rishikant Singh were requested to present the awards along with Iftekhar Shareef. Dr Ram Gajjella and Dr Bharat Baraai were among the recipients of awards. Minhaj Akhter requested Dr Bharat Baraai and Iftekhar Shareef to address the community from the podium. Iftekhar Shareef thanked all and hailed the spirit of the Indian community members for making the Republic Day celebration a success. Rishi Kant and others made brief speeches and congratulated the Indian community for the Republic Day.

AQ. Siddiqui
India Post News Service

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