Bal Vihar to celebrate silver jubilee :Comm-NY

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Bal Vihar silver jubilee

Ashwin Patel
ST LOUIS: Bal Vihar, which promotes Indian cultural education in St Louis, will be celebrating 25 years of its services to the community with a large number of dignitaries, members and guests on April 1 at Lafayette High School



The event will be graced by MO State Senator Maria Chapelle-Nadal and Midwest Region US district Judge Henry Edward Autrey along with CEO of St. Louis Science Center and other community leaders as guests for the event, according to the Center sources.


A highlight will be performance by students of Ramayana epic, one of India’s greatest epic stories.


Shoba Shekar of the Center said the event will also underline the dedication and passion that the community has for Indian culture, children and youth. This is the same passion that has contributed to the tremendous growth that the school has experienced, reaching a student population of more than 450 students, over 70 teachers, 30 admin staff. “Because of the commitment of so many donors, partners, staff volunteers, families, and students in a very near future we anticipate a new home in the new Indian Community Center next to the Hindu Temple.”


Bal Vihar of St Louis, a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3), a volunteer based K-12 Sunday school, was founded in 1992 as a school with focus to promote, instill and foster Indian culture in children of Asian Indian origin.  Since growing up outside of India can lead to a disconnection from the Indian heritage, the attempt by the Center management is to present a broad spectrum of Indian culture, including religion, traditions, values, history, geography, festivals, etc in order to help students identify with their culture including prayers, yoga, bhajans (Indian religious songs), and teachings from Indian epics Mahabharata and Ramayana.




Bal Vihar of St. Louis has partnered with the St. Louis Science Center and Interfaith Quest to create a Canstruction mural from canned goods which are donated to Operation Food Search after several weeks of display. In addition,   the youth participate in Shoeman Water Project, poverty simulation game, Bridge soup kitchen, and Mother Teresa’s ministries and more. Bal Vihar also hosts International Day of Yoga annually in June to honor the United Nations General Assembly Resolution and also celebrates India’s Independence Day with the St. Louis Art Museum patrons in August.



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