Biden or Trump; too close to Predict but Stars favor Trump, says Pundit Jatin

Republican National Convention: Day Three
Republican National Convention: Day Three

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The American race for American Presidency in November 2020 elections is now heating up especially after Joe Biden the Democratic nominee for the President announcing Sen Kamala Harris as his choice for a running mate- the Vice Presidential position, Ms. Kamala Harris has Indian roots and this has sparked a good deal of internet among Indian Americans and many have aligned themselves to support the Biden Harris candidacy in the forthcoming elections.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

The Republican contestants as President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, The opinion polls conducted by some prominent media agencies indicate that Biden Harris team has better chance of winning while many still believe that Trump-Pence ticket would eventually prove victorious, 

The race is very close and it is in this context we have turned to our astrology Pundit Jay Patel who had last time predicted that Trump; would emerge a winner against Hilary Clinton although the pollsters had given Hillary an edge over Trump Ultimately it was Trump who donned Presidential crown.

We felt it would be interesting to decipher the future through the movements of planets and star. We turned to Pundit Jatin who after a study of the planet configurations came to the conclusion that through Biden and Pence seem heading for a victory, his reading is that it would be President Donald Trump who would get re-elected for the second term along with Vice President Pence, We detail his reading without any commence


Mr. Joe Biden has a Libra rising sign in his natal chart. He is running the Jupiter / Rahu period.  Kamala Harris has Rahu (a bad planet) in her first house at 1 degree she was born at the same degree too and this has already attracted the attention of many.

The placement of Rahu in the first house makes the person.  Manipulative and delusional, interestingly, this the transit and natal placement of Rahu is not a good sign She thinks of things, which are difficult to attain, but she is determined to do what it takes to get to where she wants to go. Rahu’s placements can destroy her dreams.  She will be labeled as a failure in coming months.

Expect an election for president with lots of conflicts. As Joe Biden and Kamala Harris team would be inclined to lie and hoodwink the public with tall promises

At the time of the election, Rahu and Ketu will be at 26-degrees stationery in even signs and this will activate them affecting six houses in Joe Biden’s chart. This eclipse will cause manipulations at this time. Democrats will have problems. Let’s wait and see the course of events in the next few months. 

President Trump is also running a difficult period and transit combination. His luck and will power have been severely tested, due to unfavorable period he is facing problems triggered by the pandemic coming from china. 

The pandemic has brought the US economy to its knees; will his efforts to revitalize in a short period is a million-dollar question. The answer is but speaking overall I don’t think Biden will win. He’s a person with weak major planetary periods. When a current president has a weak chart and he is in office, it is difficult for a newcomer to overcome a weak chart, unless they have a very strong period and transit of planets is strong.

I therefore still think Trump is likely to win the election, even if Kamala Harris has now joined Joe Biden on the democrat ticket. Trump should prevail.