Bollywood award function: An affair to forget

Dance presentation at Bollywood program

CHICAGO: An event that could easily have been “an Affair to Remember” turned out to be such a big flop that it got dubbed as an Affair to forget and bury as soon as possible
Bollywood USA 2013 had organized a big reception in Downtown Chicago for announcing the hosting of Bollywood Film Awards – the Global Indian Film Awards (GIFA) presentation in 2013 which would be a first time major South Asian awards program in the country. This had seemingly the blessings of the Illinois government.
It was trumpeted that the event would be attended by Illinois dignitaries including Governor Pat Quinn and Bollywood stars. That was sufficient for hundreds of elite not only from Chicago but also from neighboring States of Indiana and Wisconsin to come to the Hotel Waldron Astoria in Chicago Downtown. It was also enough for hundreds of Bollywood fans to line up the Waldorf Astoria gates to have a glimpse of their favorite stars – hero/heroines and “villains”.
There was to be a Red Carpet treatment for the dignitaries and Bollywood artists. These were the plus points of the near two hours program but then to the disappointment of the guests, invitees and scores of Bollywood fans, not all the billed dignitaries made it to the function. There was no Governor and there were no Bollywood stars coming and there was no Red Carpet laid down. Quipped somebody that the organizer did not have any Red Carpet or any carpet at all and with their sixth sense prevailing, the stars and dignitaries decided not to come.
A doctor from Indiana seethed with so much anger that he unleashed his fury on a media man catching him by neck and made him to commit that he would report “every bit of this nonsense and hoodwinking” in the newspaper articles.
One and all believed and whispered that the organizers knew that the Stars were not coming and that everybody was taken for a ride. The Indiana doctor is reported to have paid a hefty donation for supposedly “good cause” and was non-plussed. It is a talk of the town that two activists in the entertainment field in Chicago land are to be blamed for this “fiasco”. They allegedly maneuvered to see that celebrities do not come to the function.
It was announced that the media briefing after the general reception that the Award Presentation will be globally televised by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, one of India’s leading television, media, and entertainment companies. Illinois in keeping with its renowned tradition as a pioneer in cultural field will act as the host destination for the GIF A awards.
The Global Indian Film Awards (GIFA), produced by Sohail Khan Entertainment, marks the first time a major South Asian awards program has been held in the United States. The event will feature A-list celebrities and stars. Venues are currently being finalized and all information, including opportunities for sponsorship, will be available on Bollywood USA 2013’s website:
“It’s a pleasure to bring GIFA to the beautiful City of Chicago. I sincerely thank the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago for hosting GIF A 2013,” said Sohail Khan of Sohail Khan Entertainment in India. Bollywood USA 2013 estimates approximately 20,000 fans from around the world to attend various awards related events and the actual GIFA night. The events will be televised on Zee Channels across five continents and in 168 countries with over 500 million viewers.

Asian Media USA adds:
Taalfusion showcased their signature style representing the diversity within the Bollywood genre. The performance exhibited the unique ability to blend and adapt to various different dance techniques. They performed to an Indian classical and Jazz piece, a traditional Bollywood classic followed by an intense emotional story telling danced in a Bollywood contemporary style. Taalfusion senior dancer Kamille Neely stole the show with her breathtaking dance technique and performance. Dancers Ayesha Arora, Emily Klesel and Komal Sharma lit up the stage with their electric performances.

Taalfusion projects provide breathtaking eclectic pieces and entertain with a modern twist on Bollywood – an amalgam of talented dancers coming together on the Bollywood platform. Taalfusion sets the bar very high and collaborates with professional and semi-professional dancers to create an educational program about the Bollywood genre.

Ramesh Soparawala
India Post News Service

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