Celebrations of Fathers Day and Birthdays by Indian Seniors of Chicago

Bharat Gandhi and Rita Gandhi performed Bollywood's song
Bharat Gandhi and Rita Gandhi performed Bollywood's song
. Dr. Narsinhbhai Patel thanked all sponsors
ISC celebrated Father’s Day honor on stage

Jayanti Oza

CHICAGO: The Indian Senior General Meeting in Chicago was held on Saturday, June 11, 2022 at the Manav Seva Mandir and 400 members were present. The successful management of the event was by the executive member Bipinbhai Shah.

To begin, Bhupendra Suthar, Panna Shah and others, recited the religious prayers and Hanuman Chalisa. Shivabhai Patel, an elder member of the organization talked about Maharana Pratap. He said Maharana Pratap was born on 5th May 19 century in Kumbhalgarh in Rajasthan. His father was Maharana Uday Singh Rana. Shri Patel shared very interesting bits of information about Maharana Pratap’s Haldighati battle, Chetak horseand Ramprasadthe elephant. Maharana Pratap, fighting for his motherland, died on January 6, 1917.

Mahendra Patel then called the seniors on the stage and they were honored with roses on the occasion of Father’s Day and best wishes were extended. Mr. Suthar sang a song befiting the occasion.

Bhupendra Suthar and Arvind Kotak conducted the birthday program. They invited members whose birthdays fall in June to come on the stage. Greeting cards were handed over to everyone by the hand of Shri Naranbhai Modi. All members sang “Bar Bar Din Aaye Tum JiyoHazaro Sal Happy Birthday to you” and sent greetings.

Many members offered cash and in-kind help to cover the cost of the picnic. Members thanked the President for his generous contribution. Narasinhabhai Patel expressed his gratitude. Minister Hirabhai Patel informed about the picnic arrangements and thanked all those who have accepted the responsibility as volunteers.

ISC members congratulate to their birthday in June
ISC members congratulate to their birthday in June

The entertainment program was conducted by Arvindbhai Kotak. Ten members participated in today’s program. After that Nalini Chudasama, JayantibhaiOza, Mrs. Sheila Shah, Mrs. Nalini Shah, Mrs. Panna Shah, Mrs. Rita Gandhi and Bharat Gandhi, Mrs. Bhadra Shah, Mrs. Rohini Dekhtawala and Ranjit Bharucha renderedsongs in their beautiful voice. For the success of the entertainment program, the artist brothers and sisters, and president Dr. Narasihabhai Patel were thanked.

Manubhai Shah had appealed to the all members to take active part in the Patotsav of Manavaseva Mandir in the month of July. Mrs. Jayashree Gandhi of Direct Express Tours appealed to the members to join the overseas tour of Europe and Asia during the third week of September.

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