‘Chai Pe Charcha’ turns into an Event to remember for Modi

The interactive audience
The interactive audience

MILPITAS, CA: In the heart of Silicon Valley, on Wednesday April 2, Bay Area Indian community led by Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP) thronged Swagat Restaurant in Milpitas, CA to discuss Narendra Modi’s prospects of becoming India’s next Prime Minister.

Though the program was to be a discussion “Chai Pe Charcha” (over a cup of tea) but the overwhelming response turned it into an all evening, dinner Event.

Dr Rajni Sarin, Co-Convener of Overseas Friends of BJP (Global), who had just arrived from Delhi, was the Chief Guest of the Event which was attended by over 100 strong Bay Area community leaders.

The Indian community in Bay area has been impressed with Modi’s bold initiatives in improving Gujarat’s growth and development in economic and human index with his selfless service. Indian community now expects Modi to duplicate the success at the Center to uplift the nation.

Dr Rajni Sarin is a highly decorated physician, born and raised in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh and is a long time BJP worker. She
highlighted Modi’s achievements in Gujarat and narrated her personal interaction with Shri Modiji, labeling him a workaholic with a clear vision and plan of action for next 20 years.

Various community members spoke in support of and to cheer Modi’s mission 272+ and to wish him success. A lively discussion, which had 100% participation, provided many ideas and feedback to assure that BJP’s mission 272+ succeeds.

Dr Rajni Sarin makes a point as Chandru Bhambhra looks on
Dr Rajni Sarin makes a point as Chandru Bhambhra looks on

Chandru Bhambhra, Past President of OFBJP (USA), started the event by welcoming the Chief Guest and giving a brief introduction about her.

He said, “We have assembled here at Chai Pe Charcha to discuss as to what can be done at this last minute to help BJP win in the forthcoming elections and make sure Narendra Modi becomes the next Prime Minister of India. He emphasized that in these last few days, our callings to our friends and relatives in India and asking them to go and Vote for BJP would be very effective. This is the best situation in many years. It is either now or never!”

Ashwini Surpur of Yoga Bharti made a powerful case to ensure that India does not lose this chance to pull India out of doldrums.

She said, “India lost three chances by not recognizing the talents of Subhas Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhai Patel and Lal Bahadur Shastri. We now have a fourth chance and we should not miss this. This will be a disaster for the country.”

Colleagues of Janardhana Swami, Bay area techie and a Member of Parliament from Chitradurga in Karnataka, Shivu Vibhuti and Mahadev provided his background and his achievements to solicit support for his re-election.

Ajay Tripathi and Satej Chaudhary, volunteers for Mahesh Giri, BJP candidate from East Delhi, gave a presentation highlighting Giri’s extraordinary work for the community.

Replying to this call for volunteers, many people indicated that they are already supporting BJP by calling people in their Hometown and encouraging them to vote for Modi. Some of them have already confirmed that they have made over 200 calls.

Sanjay Tripathi, General Secretary HSS (Bay Area) proudly announced that he is leaving for India to campaign for BJP in his hometown of Varanasi. Chandru Bhambhra, Organizer of the Event, asked Tripathi to honor the Chief Guest of the Event Dr Rajni Sarin with a dupatta.

Gaurang Desai, Northern California coordinator for Friends of India Society International (FrSr) proudly indicated that he guaranteed to deliver his home state of Gujarat to BJP but would not be satisfied with anything less than 100% sweep.

Sunil Ganu, a community leader, provided statistics of Gujarat’s growth, which included every sphere of development and was not just limited to a section of society, but had positively affected everyone.

The program concluded with beautiful rendering of Vande Mataram.

Mahesh Pakala, a well known community leader, said” The idea is to identify minimum 10 Panchayat phone numbers fro each state, then we are talking of convincing 260 panchayats.”

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