City of Fremont Announced Local Citywide Curfew for June 1 – June 8, from 8 PM to 5 AM

City of Fremont Announced Local Citywide Curfew for June 1 - June 8, from 8 PM to 5 AM

Emergency Proclamation and Curfew Order Issued

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FREMONT, Calif:  In response to civil unrest activities in Fremont and neighboring cities, the City of Fremont has instituted a curfew which will apply to all people within the City of Fremont from June 1, 2020 through June 8, 2020, from the hours of 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. The curfew requires that people be indoors and not in the streets, parks, or other public places within the city of Fremont.

 To protect the public peace, safety, and welfare of the Fremont community, Fremont City Manager Mark Danaj, in his capacity as the Director of Emergency Services, has proclaimed a local emergency and issued an Emergency Proclamation and Curfew Order Executive Order, “EO 2020-05” in accordance with state law and Fremont Municipal Code Chapter 2.20. In addition, the Chief of Police of the Fremont Police Department has the authority to issue additional orders for the protection of life and property. The City of Fremont is already operating under a local emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the gathering of large crowds threatens the health of participants and could lead to the spread of the disease.

The following road closures are in effect during the dates and times of the curfew order:

Road Closures – Pacific Commons: 

  • Christy Street, south of Auto Mal
  • Pacific Commons Blvd, from Auto Mall to Bunche Drive
  • Boscell Rd, from Auto Mall to Bunche Drive
  • Cushing Parkway, from Auto Mall to Bunche Drive (both directions)
  • Nobel Drive, from Auto Mall to Bunche Drive

Enforcement: The City of Fremont will not tolerate criminal activity or hazards to public safety. The Fremont Police Department along with other law enforcement authorities cooperating with the City will be enforcing this curfew. A violation of the curfew may be punishable as a misdemeanor in accordance with state law or pursuant to Fremont Municipal Code Chapter 1.15. The curfew may also be enforced through the issuance of administrative citations pursuant to Fremont Municipal Code Chapter 1.20.

Effective Date and Duration: The curfew order will remain in effect from Monday, June 1 at 8 p.m. until 5:01 a.m. on Monday, June 8, 2020 unless otherwise terminated earlier or extended by the Fremont City Council or order of the Director of Emergency Services.

The following are exempt from the curfew and this Order: 

  • Law enforcement personnel, firefighters, first responders, emergency health care providers, civilians engaged in responding to the emergency
  • Individuals traveling to and from work
  • Persons impacted by homelessness
  • Authorized representatives of a news service, newspaper, radio or television station or network.

In order to keep Fremont’s emergency phone lines available for those in need please only dial 911 in an emergency or if you are witnessing a crime in progress. The non-emergency number 510-790-6800 x 3 is available to report non-urgent matters requiring police assistance, such as suspicious activity or to report a non-urgent crime that has already occurred. General questions regarding police services or to report tips, can be emailed to

The City of Fremont will provide updates utilizing multiple communication platforms:

  • Nixle will be the Fremont Police Department’s primary communication tool. Sign up at or text your zip code to 888-777.
  • Follow the City and Fremont Police Department’s social media accounts on Twitter (@Fremont_CA and @FremontPD) and Facebook (@CityofFremont and @FremontPoliceDepartment).

Fremont Mayor Lily Mei has provided the following statement regarding current events:

“By now, we have all seen or read about the protests that have occurred across the country and in our local region due to the death of George Floyd. Like many of you, I have seen that terrible video and can come to no other conclusion but that a man was unjustly killed by someone who was supposed to protect and serve the public. Seeing this happen elsewhere in America makes me so thankful that Fremont has some of the most well trained officers and finest public safety leadership in the country.

However, our community has not been completely shielded from the events unfolding over the last few days. Indeed, an alert was issued on Sunday for residents of Alameda County to stay sheltered at home due to vandalism and looting activities occurring both in Fremont and in the neighboring Tri-City area. On Sunday evening, the Fremont Police Department proactively closed off access to several shopping centers in Fremont to prevent additional criminal activities in the City.

We have now been informed that various additional protest activities may occur over the next few days in Fremont, including one or more protests scheduled for Tuesday.

Make no mistake—I completely support the right of people to peacefully gather and make their voices heard. Our democracy was founded on the basic principle that anyone is entitled to speak their mind, especially when protesting social injustices.

However, while supporting peaceful protest activities, the City will do everything in our power to stop other forces from altering a peaceful situation and rendering it dangerous by engaging in criminal activities such as vandalism and looting. To this end, the Fremont Police Department has ramped up its on-duty staffing and will continue to proactively protect and monitor our entire city, and especially the likely targets of potential looting activity.

During this curfew, stay home if you can, and please help watch out for your family and your neighbors. We will get through this together by staying vigilant and being willing to help each other out. Please join me in thanking the Fremont Police Department and the Fremont Fire Department who are working tirelessly to protect us.”


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