Community braces to celebrate R-Day

Indian CG Dr Ausaf Syeed with the Consulate staff celebrating Republic Day 2014
Indian CG Dr Ausaf Syeed with the Consulate staff celebrating Republic Day 2014

CHICAGO: Members of the Indian American community are bracing for grand celebrations of 66th Indian Republic Day this month

The Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) headed by Dr Indrajit Patel has organized an attractive cultural event on Friday January 23 at Meadows Club in Rolling Meadows. A recently set up rival FIA will host its own celebrations on Saturday January 24 at the same place. Meadows Club once again seeks to showcase India’s cultural diversity.

Indian Consulate has announced that on the auspicious occasion of the 66th Republic Day of India, the Flag Hoisting ceremony will be held at 10 am on Monday January 26 at its premises on NBC Tower Building, Chicago. Dr Ausaf Sayeed, Consul General, will unfurl the National Flag and read out the message of the President of India on the occasion.

Keerthi Ravoori, FIA Chicago President, said that Republic Day celebration will be permeated by traditional, patriotic and contemporary dazzling dance presentations. At this Republic gala, newly-elected FIA executive board will be sworn-in to begin their tenure for 2015-2016.
He added that FIA would also honor the golden moments in the history of India when India attained its freedom which culminated in the establishment of a sovereign, democratic republic with a constitution to guide its destiny.

Dr Ram Gajjela, FIA’s Vice President-Elect, is serving as the Gala Chairman; while Ajeet Singh and Syed Hussaini as Event Co-Chairs. Air-India and Win Trust are the major sponsors.

Newly-elected FIA President Dr Indrajit Patel will be sworn-in along with his new team consisting of Vandana Walia, Minhaj Akhtar, Dr Ram Gajjela, Ajeet Singh, Harish Kolasani, Babu Varma, Kanti Patel, Shaurin Mehta and Jatin Patel along with a ceremonial position to Syed Hussaini.

Sunil Shah, the founding president of rival FIA, praised the community members for their support and observed that the tenacity of the executive team and supporters helped the organization to sail thru rough weather. The association now has reached greater new heights and received enormous appreciation from community members and government officials at all levels, he said.

He mentioned that his FIA has scheduled a colorful program to commemorate India’s 66th Republic Day Celebration at Meadows Club on January 24 (Saturday) which will include Beauty Pageant Contest and dazzling cultural events. This event would be followed by a workshop by the Indian Consulate office on immigration and passport issues. Blood donation drive, clothes and food collection for the homeless and other charitable programs are also planned.

Surendra Ullal

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