Congressman Danny Davis honors ethnic leaders

MEATF Awardees
MEATF Awardees

HICAGO: The Multi Ethnic Advisory Task Force (MEATF) of US Congressman Danny Davis of 7th congressional district, Illinois, announced and presented its Annual Awards for Ethnic leaders who made significant contributions in various fields in the year 2013.

The Annual Awards Gala 2014 by MEATF was held on Friday February 7 at Saffron Restaurant in Westmont, a southwest suburb of Chicago with heavy presence of Indian Americans and other ethnic leaders.

The event started with Santosh Verges and Kathakali Dasgupta enthralling the audience with their array of Bollywood songs. Tapas Dasgupta, the MEATF Chairman, also sung a duet with Kathakali. Opening prayer was done by Bishop Rev. Samuel Vallabhdas. Invocation recital was done by Master Amir Jawad.

In his Welcome Address, Dr Tapas Dasgupta said that the event in a way amounts to “celebrating Congressman Danny Davis’ leadership and honoring leaders from different ethnic communities in Chicago Land. Our Honorees are Leaders from the Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Japanese, Chinese, Iranian, Palestine and Middle Eastern Ethnic Communities.”

Congressman Davis has dozens of Advisory Task Forces set up to address questions pertaining to Public Policy. Raja Krishnamurti, Bhanvar Joshi, Dr Bansi Sharma, Keerthi Ravoori, Dr Jacob Ehsan, Dr Nazarian, Gopal Shah, Dr Mahesh Parikh, Vijender Doma, Moon Khan, Sateesan Nair, Imtiaz Ahmed, Jermo Ahisstom and Judge Marianne Jackson were among the dignitaries attending the event.

Students of Vidya Pandikaran School Natya Rasika performed ‘Mooshiga Vahana Shlokam Dance’ which was acclaimed by all.

Congressman Danny Davis in his address hailed efforts of the young and observed that youth is the future of world and talented youth and their progressive guides ensure that the future is safe. The children should not walk in anybody’s shadow and they must be shaped and molded properly, he said. He appreciated the spirit of Asian American community and asserted that they play an important role in the economy of USA, and their motherland too. He emphasized the need of uplifting minorities.

Kishore Mehta, Executive Director of MEATF, said there had been overwhelming response from different ethnic communities for the annual salute “as all of us are product of the Congressman for his public service and record as a US lawmaker.”

Awards Chairperson Clarence Beals announced the following award winners: Student of the Year Mohansrinivas Kesavulu; Youth of the Year Dr Krishna Subramaniam, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas; Couple of the Year Dr John Yousefzai & Mrs Armenouhi Arzomanian for being a Role Model Immigrant Couple; Father of the Year Rev. Kazuo Takami, District Pastor; Mother of the Year Ms. Hema Potla, President of Hema’s Kitchens, in recognition of her True Spirit of Caring, Giving;

Organization of the Year Chinese American Citizens Alliance, Chicago Ms Ivy lam; Corporate of the Year Amin Ibrahim; Outstanding Community Service Gopal G Lalmalani, MD, MBA; Distinguished Leadership Award Dr Sivalingam Sivanathan, Professor of Physics, University of Illinois, Chicago; Physician of the Year Dr Mohammed Zahid, President, the Elgin Clinic; Entrepreneur of the Year Maskoor Ali Khan, President, Therapy Providers of America, Inc; Woman of the Year Sonia Mehta, MD, MBA: Man of the Year Sohan P Joshi, President, National Federation of Indian-American Associations (NFIA); Golden Eagle Award Rishikant Singh, Manager, Air India Midwest Region, USA for his Exemplary Leadership of India’s flagship Air Carrier, Air India in the Midwest Region and Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr Pratap C Kumar.

Kishor Mehta, Director, MEATF proposed a Vote of Thanks. He said “I thank U.S. Congressman Danny Davis for his Leadership and constant support to the community. I thank Chairperson for Award Committee Clarence Beals and his Committee Members. I thank all those who helped in making this event successful and urge their support in the same way for future. I also thank Saffron Restaurant and Roy for his excellent hospitality.”

Ms Tanya Prabhakar served as the Mistress of Ceremonies for the glittering Award Ceremony. She handled entire deliberations gracefully. Congressman Davis along with Dasgupta, Judge Marianne Jackson and dignitaries took part in cutting the 80th birthday cake for Bishop Rev. Vallabhdas and also for Dr Pratap Kumar.

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