Dallas’ Indians Celebrate 125th birth anniversary of Meghani

Nitin Devka, Manjari Meghani and Ramesh Bapodara Program in Folk Singers from India
Nitin Devka, Manjari Meghani and Ramesh Bapodara Program in Folk Singers from India

Jayanthi Ojha

DALLAS  TX: In North Texas, Indian Senior Citizens of Dallas, on the occasion of the 125th birth anniversary of National Shair Shri Zaverchand Meghani, hosted recently grand program of Shri Meghani’s poems, Gujarati folklore, folk music and Srinathji’s bhajan at the Murphy Community Center

This grand folk music program was attended by close to 200 members and guests  Praveenbhai Pansuriya, President of the Institute welcomed everyone with beautiful seating arrangement and excellent sound system, and congratulated all the members whose birthdays and marriage anniversaries fell  in the month of July with wishes. Executive Committee members greeted them with flowers.

Artist Nitinbhai Devka was welcomed by Secretary VK Limbani from Pushpagunj. Nitinbhai Devka entertained everyone by giving glimpses of Zhaverchand Meghani songs, Gujarati patriotic songs, ghazals, verses, folk songs, bhajans, and old Bollywood songs.

Members of BSC of Dallas enjoy the program
Members of BSC of Dallas enjoy the program

Especially on the song Mor Bani Thangat Kare, everyone got overwhelmed with music and the color of Kasumbi. Reminding everyone of the freedom struggle on the song, He urged everyone to worship by singing the bhajan of Srinathji. Nitinbhai had made everyone dance with Garbo. The members had a lot of fun in this cultural program.

Vitthalbhai Balar welcomed Manjariben Meghani, granddaughter of  Zawerchand Meghani, from Pushpagunj.  Manjariben summarized “Jogidas Khuman”, a true story short story with an introduction to  Zawerchand Meghani’s folk tales and songs, and  spoke of poverty  of that time.  Sudhirbhai Dave was welcomed by Hralal Sutaria .

Sudhirbhai Dave played the melodious tunes of old Hindi film songs on the bansuri. Dhol and tabla player Shri Jagdishbhai Sheth was welcomed by committee member Nareshbhai Shah.  Jagdishbhai Seth embellished the folk songs by providing rhythm to the singers and made the songs melodious with Amitbhai Trivedi’s sound system.

Praveenbhai Pansuriya, President of the organization, was given an award for best social services by the Lions Club of US, Committee Member of the organization  Nareshbhai Shah congratulated all members of the organization and Vitthalbhai Balar felicitated him with flowers.

The President thanked  Kapilaben & Mahendrabhai Patel,  Kanubhai Bambhani, Manubhai Gorsia and Sangitaben & Sanjaybhai Desai who had given financial or other support to this organization.

Secretary VK Limbani thanked the artists from India and from Dallas.