Purnima Nath

Dramatic progress has been observed in the world’s largest democracy, Bharat (India), since 2014, when then-Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, became the Prime Minister of India, making the 2014 election a major turning point for India’s trajectory.

Right wing political party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won 37.36% of the vote, the highest vote share by a political party since the 1989 general election and gained a substantial majority by winning 303 seats. This progress however was not a welcoming one for many anti-India anti-Hindu entities operating internally within Indian territory and externally abroad.

Attacks on Hindus have amplified multifold since 2014, particularly speaking, once Narendra Modi was elected as Prime Minister of India [1].

Brand new channels and organizations formed rapidly like mushrooms in western/European countries to target Hindus & India after Godhra 2002 orchestrated Hindu genocidal pogrom, carnage, and horrifying massacre that was unleashed on the Hindu community by Muslim community. Well-curated coordinated propagandas were promoted through concerted efforts by multiple well-connected entities to paint the Hindus as extremists. Of course, as usual, Hindus did not have a voice, nor the adequate and appropriate media coverage.

Foreign media, academia, and politicians (of all levels of government) conveniently created, twisted, shaped and promoted narratives against Hindus of India. Some terms, such as saffron terror, Hindutva extremists, were invented and started to appear.

Primarily the LEFT-Labor-Green-Socialist-Worker clan Democrat party members, associates, NGOs of foreign countries engaged in such low-level behaviors. At one point, with the help of a powerful Muslim network and well-oiled Christian NGOs established in America, American top authorities banned then-CM Modi’s visa to America.

Genius plan. SUCCESS…YAY! Alas…but short-lived! Despite massive sabotaging efforts by these disgraceful entities, India’s beloved & globally most popular PM Modi received a red carpet welcome for a memorable state visit in June 2023.

As I outlined numerous times before, the US-India relation was a strained one since post independence in 1947. Systemic bias and deep institutional anti-Hindu anti-India sentiment are seen [2].

Amusingly, America always had a soft corner for India’s mischievous aggressor neighbor, a Islamic nation, Pakistan; and American bureaucrats and politicians always bailed them out regardless of their heinous and sneaky actions.


Simply speaking their goal is to annihilate Hindus from India and abroad. This is not an exaggeration. Plenty of direct, indirect, active and passive evidence of intentions collected thus far. Targeting, maligning and vilifying Hindus through multi-pronged channels of media, social media, reports, academia to phony legal cases to ruin Hindus’ reputations, lives, jobs, homes are some ways they can terrorize and intimidate Hindus. Arguable caste discrimination report made up by a dubious organization connected to left-wing mega donor George Soros, Equality Labs, run by Christian-converts and Muslims from Bangladesh is connected to many vicious propagandas.

Using these reports, they targeted a Hindu-named “atheist” in a fake caste discrimination case, scandalously known as Cisco Caste Case that was dismissed after 3 years of constant deception and lies. Another frau case was unleashed on BAPS Hindu temple (New Jersey) claiming that the temple forced hundreds of low-caste workers to labor at temple sites.

That case too was withdrawn after 2 years of humiliation and negative publicity, magically. The same entities processed #antiCAA [Citizenship Amendment Act] resolutions against India through 7 Democrat city councils Including, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Recently the California legislature pushed a discriminatory bill SB403 against Hindus, which would have allowed segregation of Hindus based on caste [fortunately, it was vetoed] [3].

Through TV shows, books, spurious documentaries, media articles, social media, these entities circulate and affirm certain narratives [4].

Activities of these entities became stronger, wider, deeper and more popular over time. The Indian-origin Hindu community kept being targeted on a consistent basis.

Popular tropes used against Hindus are Caste, Cow, Curry, Kali, Sati. For decades, American schools taught in textbooks that Hindus are casteists. Leftwing Hollywood elites and media mogul billionaires promoted particular narratives such as Hindu people brought caste from India to America and upper caste Hindus are somehow discriminating against lower caste Hindus in America.

They promoted a sentiment that the caste system is so prevalent in the Indian Hindu community that Hindus are bound to bring such prejudice no matter where we travel. Fishy and debatable organizations and problematic NGOs fed disinformation & misinformation through congressional briefings with Senators/Congresspersons with bogus made-up reports funded by dark money. Infamous dismantling of Hindutva Conference was arranged by 40 American universities that included University of Wisconsin and Ivy Leagues [5].

For last couple of years, these organizations have been propagating a false narrative that Hindus & India are persecuting Muslims & Christians and apparently a Muslim Genocide is occurring in India by Hindutva fascists.

Some of these notorious organizations are Amnesty India (banned in India), pro-terror dangerous group Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), Hindus for Human Rights (run by crypto Christian converts, Muslims, Marxists) [6], Federation of Indian American Christians of North America (Christian evangelical missionary arms of America with a massive conversion nexus in India) [7] and Equality Labs (connected to Democrat anti-India anti-Hindu “donor” ill-famed shady George Soros) [8]. Certainly there are more.

Deception and psyops are a massive part of their propaganda execution. Through all types of deception such as lies, distortion, direct/indirect/active/passive deception, fraud, misinformation, disinformation, selective reporting, fabrications, multiplying/amplifying one event to appear as multiple events, backstabbing, acting, distractions and so on, they successfully shape global narratives.


Moving on, I would like to highlight the massively concerning development against Hindus in America. I am sure, at this point of time, you are well aware of who Hindu people are and what their nature is?

Briefly, you will not find the Hindu people and Hindu communities hijacking planes, ships, trains or buses or go on suicide bombing missions, or blowing up buildings, or threatening, intimidating, imposing their belief on others and converting people of other faiths forcibly with supremacist exclusivist claims that Hindu religion is the only true religion (the rest is false).

Hindus are tolerant, accepting, compromising, understanding and frankly speaking no other community can provide a history of co-existence other than Hindus. Hindus generally focus on education, family, jobs, work etc. Simply put Hindu people usually come to America with nothing. Yet, they do not draw the dimes from the welfare schemes draining the American Treasury, but work hard to build their assets and family. “Privileged”, “upper caste”, “dominant caste”, “Hindu terror”, “Saffron terror”, “Hindu Nationalists”, “Hindutva fascists”, “Hindutva extremists” “Brahminical patriarchy” are some of the terminologies and tropes created, popularized and promoted by American intellectual network and propaganda arms.

On October 24th, 2023 Democrat regressive Sen. Tammy Baldwin, who is up for a reelection for the third term in 2024, introduced Sen. Res. 424 accusing Hindus of India and the state of India & Prime Minister Narendra Modi that they are persecuting “minority” Muslims and Christians [9]. Most certainly Ms. Baldwin is attempting to secure Muslim vote bank by propagating falsehood against Hindus.

According to recent Pew survey showed that 89% of Indian Muslims, i.e. 224,000,000, do not face any discrimination and are free to practice their religion.

By repeating the same old boring lies, deception and vicious propaganda against Hindus and India, and bringing India’s domestic affairs into the United States these vicious organizations and individuals are targeting Hindu Indian-origin diaspora with the help of the American government.

Salvadore Babones, Director of the Indian Century Roundtable and associate professor at the University of Sydney, is currently researching Indian democracy published a report on how Caste has been weaponized in America against Indian American Hindu population.


First of all, if the so-called “minority” Muslims & Christians are being persecuted by the Hindus of the majority Hindu country, Bharat (India), then why are illegal Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar being settled in the critical border areas of India? Why are the Bangladeshi Muslims sneaking into Indian territory?

Secondly, if Muslims and Christians are being persecuted why are their numbers increasing in Indian territory? In 1947, after the bloody partition of Indian territory by the Muslim League to create an Islamic nation of Pakistan because Muslims refused to co-exist with the Hindus, the Muslim population of India was 14% and now it is not less than 22% [given illegal Muslim immigration and settlement, highest birthrate of Muslim women, polygamy and multiple wives, high dependency on the country’s welfare system]. Similarly in 1947 the Christian population of India/Bharat was less than 2% and today it is not less than 10%, a conservative estimate by politically well-connected Indian Christian entities with Washington DC.

If Muslims and Christians are being persecuted by Hindus why are the other micro-minority such as Buddhists, Jains, Jews, Parsis not threatened by Hindus in India?

If Muslims and Christians are a minority with 22% and 10% population of India, what are we, the Hindu diaspora, in America with 1% population? What are you doing to us?

If Muslims and Christians are being persecuted why aren’t they leaving Indian (Bharatiya) territory when they have 57 Muslim countries and 130 Christian Countries? Why is the largest church of Asia located in India? Why is Christian missionary building the 4th largest church in the world located in India?


So-called minority Muslims have collected more welfare schemes, funding, and opportunities than ever? More than one third beneficiaries of Modi govt schemes are Muslims. Even if the Muslims are 14%, they are availing more than 33% of the welfare. What kind of systematic discriminations, exclusions, genocide or persecutions of the Muslims by the system are you referring to?

Massive amounts of indigenous Hindus and tribals are being converted by missionary groups in various pockets of Indian territory? [12]

Second largest landowner after the Govt. Of India the Catholic Church?Third largest landowner after the Govt. Of India the Muslim Waqf board?

Appointed as census commissioner, British Herbert Risley [I refuse to address this cunning man as Sir and I absolutely have no idea how “hope” was his middle name] proposed a theory of #Caste system as a racial hierarchy of classification and applied a formal application for the 1901 census that recorded 1646 distinct castes, which increased to 4147 in 1931. The first census of India was conducted by the British in 1872. Voila, European Portuguese “CASTA” was introduced in India as Caste system in order to rule the Hindus. [13]

The British stole $45 trillion dollars worth of India’s wealth. [14]

Before the British entered their foot in India, as traders, India’s GDP was 25% of the world’s GDP in 1700 AD? Before Muslim invaders kept invading Indian territory, India’s GDP was 30% of global share. [15]

The British empire slaughtered 165 million Indian people in just 40 years from 1880 to 1920. [16]

In independent Indian territory (the leftover Indian nation) in 4 out of 7 Northeastern Indian states Hindus are a minority today. Soon another state will join the rank of Hindu minority. Recent Manipur violence peeled a layer of Christian missionary conversion agenda in the Northeast region of India. [17]

In Bharat (India), Hindus were the majority per the 2011 census with about 79%. Therefore 21% minorities consist of Muslims (14%), Christians (6%), Buddhists (4%), Sikhs (2%), Jains (1%), Parsis, Jews. No recent census data is available. Massive demographic change agenda, conversion rate, high birth rate within certain communities, polygamy, multiple wives, land ownership, and foreign influence in elections, academia, media, politicians are extremely concerning for the survival of indigenous Hindu religion, faith & heritage of Indian territory.

Factually and frighteningly speaking, in 7 (soon to be 8) of 36 [28 states, 8 union territories], Hindus have become a minority in 2023 [in the remaining part of leftover Indian territory after 1947]. Foreign Abrahamic religions have taken over indigenous Hindu faith & religion. YES, this is a serious matter and EXISTENTIAL THREAT for the survival of the Hindu population in their own home land, Bharat, that is India, i.e. #Hind @HindandHindus. Hindus lost massive land, properties, lives, women, girls, blood to aggression of the foreign faiths. NO MORE. [18]


A couple of weeks ago an innocent Hindu Indian student, Varun Raj Pucha (29) was attacked in an unprovoked circumstance at a fitness center and murdered in Indiana [19]. The assailant, Jordan Andrade, said he considered the man a ‘threat’ and ‘just reacted’ by putting the knife into his head. This January an Indian student, Jaahanvi Kandula (23) was mercilessly killed by a negligent police officer in Seattle Street. Horrifying body cam footage shows that Seattle Police Department Union leader “detective” Daniel Auderer mocked her death and declared her life had “limited value” and asked the city to “just write a check”. In 2019 Eric Turner shot and killed Indian Student Abhishek Sudhesh Bhat (25) in California. In 2019 Indian student Pulluri Shashank (22) was shot by a unidentified person. In 2022, Lathan Johnson (37), a black man was arrested in California for targeting & attacking 14 Indian women wearing traditional attire (sari) and robbing gold jewelry. “Rips off their jewelry, drags them down the street breaks their writs, beats up their husband and terrorizing them is much worse than a property thief,” District Attorney Jeff Rosen said [20]. A man used anti-Hindu slurs at a California restaurant in 2022 [21]. In 2023, pro-Khalistani IslamoMarxist protestors attacked the Indian Consulate in California.


Once you reflect upon the facts and data provided, I hope you will make the right choice. Here is what I request you to do.

A Public Statement denouncing Ms. Baldwin and her sinister plot against Hindus and India. A strong statement highlighting that Ms. Baldwin’s resolution is disinformation and an attempt to thwart India’s development and growth. Ms. Baldwin’s resolution targets, humiliates, vilifies, micro-minority Hindu communities of America and ruins the reputation of hardest working self-reliant tolerant community of America. Statement must highlight that Hindus are NOT terrorists or extremists as Ms. Baldwin paints Hindus as. Such grossly wrong, disconnected from reality, unthoughtful and targeted actions against one community, in this case Hindus of America, have an irreversible implication on peace in society. We Hindus view this nefarious action of Ms. Baldwin with extreme bad faith and savage.

Reject discriminatory racist Hinduphobic anti-India Senate Resolution 424 Publicly.


Rising anti-Hindu sentiment in America is particularly concerning for the micro-minority Hindu community and children of Hindu families who have made America their home. Gross disinformation and misinformation promoted, propagated, and proliferated by special interest groups within America against the Hindu community of America. In the wake of rising Hinduphobic sentiment in American soil, we hope you will not cause direct or indirect harm to Hindu Indian American diaspora and snatch our right to dignified life because of pathetic leftwing politics and fake propagandas.

Are Hindu lives unsafe in America?


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