Entertainment & information at MAAC Fundraiser

MAAC Fundraiser dinner guests, MAAC office bearers, Awardees and Keynote Speaker Jesse White (Center) flanked by  MAAC Director Vandana Dalal and MAAC President Ravi Rawat
MAAC Fundraiser dinner guests, MAAC office bearers, Awardees and Keynote Speaker Jesse White (Center) flanked by
MAAC Director Vandana Dalal and MAAC President Ravi Rawat

CHICAGO: The Midwest Asian American Center (MAAC) fundraiser held at India House Banquets in Schaumburg on Friday Sept 27 was a great success as the organizers had packed the program with lot of entertainment and information. There was big attendance displaying community supportĀ The Board Members had an opportunity to meet 400 people under one roof and entertain them with wonderful variety of stage shows and delicious food served by India House.

The event was participated by several government departments having their booths in the lobby area, where they were providing information to the community as the theme for this year was “Community Awareness,” which is one of the needs in the community today.

The event was participated by six Government departments who offered their services to the community during the event: Secretary of State’s mobile unit provided services as Renewal of driving licenses, State ID, Change of addresses. Department of Homeland Security represented by the Director Lori Petropolis and PRO Amy Stern providedĀ information regarding Citizenship and other matter sought by clients. Department of Human Services represented by Ms Jean Miller and Sara from Illinois, Coalition of Immigrant Refugee Rights provided information on Medicare and Medicaid; Attorney General booth provided information on Consumer fraud and Identity Theft. Cook County Clerk’s office offered information on services given by them, Doug Nyugen represented Social Security office to assist and answer questions to seniors many of whom found reduction in their Social Security Supplement Income.

Executive Director of the MAAC board Vandana Dalal welcomed the guests and introduced the Emcees of the program – Ms Laurie Martin and Noman Khan who began the program by a prayer sung by Mrs Rita Shah. This was followed by singing of American national and Indian national anthems.

Ravi Rawat, President of MAAC, greeted the community members, dignitaries, awardees and performers and highlighted the activities and programs offered by MAAC at its locations in Chicago and Suburbs. He was overwhelmed by the huge response of the community and Government departments to the event. Board member Mrs Martin presented a slide show showcasing activities of MAAC.

The Keynote Speaker of the event, Jesse White, Secretary of Illinois State, praised the efforts of MAAC and its Executive team for helping the new immigrants becoming mainstream citizens thru offering educational courses. He presented MAAC Awards to seven recipients: Sunil Shah for Community Leadership, Ms Prem Mehta for Community Service, Doug Nyugen for Community Service, Ketu Amin for Technology, Rocky Bhalla for Small Businesses, Anil Pandya for Financial Services and Pritesh Gandhi for Service Industry.

Ravi Rawat invited the Mayor of Hoffman Estates William McLeod of Hoffman Estates, Indian Vice Consul Mrs Anuradha Negi, Director of USCIS Chicago Ms Lori Petropolis, Ms Theresa Mah Senior Policy Advisor at Office of Governor Pat Quinn, Pankaj Patel Past President MAAC along with seven awardees, three Social Service workers and the Board of MAAC.

The Board members Dr Raj Patel, Nand Balani, Kishore Chug, Suresh Raheja, Mrs Stella Pillay, Mrs Shirley Hathaway, Ms Laurie Martin, Jagmohan Jayara, Jairaj Bhatia and Raman Patel were recognized along with awardees.

A live performance by the renowned Jesse White Tumbling Team enthralled all present who clapped in appreciation to the tune of rhythm of the music, while the tumblers were performing their acrobats. All the attendees were thrilled seeing Jesse White himself participating in the tumbling team.

There was full array of entertainment by the Cheese entertainment (Indian Bollywood dance group), Nrutyaakalashree academy (Indian Classical), RK academy (Indian Classical & Bollywood), Xilin Association (Chinese dance group) and the Gingante Capoeira (Brazilian dance group).

Wonderful gifts donated by friends of MAAC were enjoyed by the winners of the Raffle. The fundraising announcements were done by Sunil Shah, founding President of FIA.

Jodhsingh Rawat

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