Enthralling musical classic by ‘Blue Sparkle’

Bhupinder Singh and Blue Sparkle artists
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Bhupinder Singh and Blue Sparkle artists

CHICAGO: It was essentially a Blue Sparkle Event presenting a pleasant and highly entertaining musical extravaganza featuring popular Chicago artist Bhupinder Singh, and a Chicagoland based travel agency Natraj Travel, serving the community for 25 years, decided to have its celebrations get tagged with it by becoming one of the sponsors and supporters

The Music Essence on March 31 at Prairie Center for the Arts, Schaumburg, saw Chicago’s top singers and musicians performing at this sold out show enthralling 500 plus members of the audience for over three hours. Air India was another supporter of this show.

Master of Ceremony Elizabeth Singh welcomed all and the event started with Varun Singh Latamba and orchestra playing a theme music which was followed by the introduction of Bhupendra Singh. He has been mesmerizing Chicago audiences for years and this time too he did not let them down as he received thunderous applause after each song rendition. He sings all moods of songs and has launched his own album in Mumbai under the music direction of Baba Sehgal.

The next performer was Mrs. Rama Raghuraman. Her strengths involve singing the scintillating melodies of yesteryears that include songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. Pavithra Anand who performs Bollywood and Bhangra music was next.

The last performer of the evening was Ajay Bhatia who has been a singing partner of Bhupendra Singh for the past 20 years.

The orchestra team among others included Hitesh Master, Nayak on Keyboard, Puranlal Vyas on Tabla, Shivanand Bangar on Side Percussions, Richard Christian on Octopad, Devdeep Latamba on Drums, John Mall on Base Guitar, Raju Ali on Lead Guitar and Varun Latamba – Lead on Guitar. Sunita is the backbone of Blue Sparkle events.

Blue Sparkle Event’s upcoming show will be on October 28, which is a tribute to legendry Kishore Kumar. The fund raised will go to Not for Profit charitable organization ‘Sankara Nethralaya’ to combat blindness by supporting the goal of 2000 free cataract surgeries for 2017.

Natraj Travel
Surendra Ullal adds
Natraj Travel Inc serving the Indian community for 25 years since nineties was started by in early part of 1993.

Its success has been possible because of the team effort of all – Madhu and the dedicated staff , each of whom has been with the firm for over 10+yrs including Kalpesh, an IT Graduate , Naz an experienced travel executive ,Subhash, a retired engineer and Shilpa, also an experienced travel executive
Natraj has survived and prospered while many a travel agency has floundered under severe online ticketing competition and this is because of the dedicated staff, says Madhu Shah.

She said, “We would continue to do the same thing, 90% airline tickets to India, almost 24/7 literally by email or by phone. We have customers all over USA from New York to California and Minneapolis to Texas .We serve an average of 25k customers a year”.

Natraj decided to celebrate its event in a slightly difference way by sponsoring and supporting good causes and Blue Sparkle came in handy. “We shall celebrate this occasion – this year and next – by supporting and sponsoring several small community events in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan,” said Deepak Shah.

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