FCN celebrates Anniversary with Appreciation Dinner

Board of Directors FCN
Board of Directors FCN

CHICAGO: It was a delightful and appreciative gathering of about 200 which responded to Foundation for Children in Need (FCN) celebrating 12th Anniversary and enjoyed an evening of Fellowship and Thanksgiving on Friday, June 27 at St. James Parish Center in Arlington Heights, a north side suburb of Chicago.

It was an appreciation dinner for all the Donors and Well-Wishers of FCN. The foundation was founded by Dr Geetha Yeruva and Tom Chitta in 2002. The couple has dedicated 12 years of their lives to educate children, college students, conduct health education and mobile clinics. Mother Teresa is the inspiration of Dr Geetha who is a physician herself and provides primary health care and medicines on behalf of FCN. Teenage girls are given workshops on health, hygiene and family life and are provided with a book on “women’s health.”

The main focus of FCN is to give educational help through sponsorship program for school children and college students who are struggling to continue their education. They try to help those who are neglected and have less opportunity. Today FCN is sponsoring 2200 children and college students.

Through this “FCN Day,” Tom and Geetha and the Board of Directors of FCN expressed their gratitude to God, to all sponsors, donors and well-wishers who have been supporting the service of FCN. This evening was a celebration of fellowship for all FCN supporters. After dinner, there was time for fellowship, and the music of several local musicians was top of the evening.
FCN Board of Directors: Dr Geetha Yeruva President/Cofounder; Ken Overholt Chairman/Financial Advisor; Pam Hargett Secretary; Marie McIntosh Treasurer; Tom McQuillan Director; Jo Anne Mullen-Muhr Director and Father Ed Cronin, Director.

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