Gujarati folk songs; Mahashivaratri &Celebrating seniors’ birthdays

Sr Virtual meetg

Jayanti Oza

CHICAGO: The General Meeting of Indian Seniors of Chicago held on Virtual platform on Saturday, March 13, 2021 was attended by 150 members. The entire zoom meeting was successfully organized and managed by Dilipbhai Patel

The start was with Dr.Narsinghbhai Patel, President welcoming all and outlining the day’s program. He said that every month the members should give their opinion for the innovative programs.

Mrs. Hemaben Shastri then sang Ganesha hymns and interfaith prayers. Mrs. Gitaben and Bhupendrabhai Suthar recited Hanuman Chalisa.

Bipinbhai Shah, Executive Member, delivered a speech on the occasion of the Holy festival of Mahashivratri.  MahaVad 14 is celebrated as Mahashivaratri. It is not a celebration of Shiva’s birth as Shiva is, Adi. But there is a day of worship for his great deeds. Maha means great and Shiva means welfare. The great deeds that Shivaji did, such as digesting the poison and preventing the destruction of the universe,taking the form of Virbhadra, danced the Tandava& remarried to destroy Tarakasur. It is a day to worship by remembering the beginning of Dwapar Yuga etc.

Shiva devotees should perform Char Prahar Puja on this day with Billipatra bhajan, Dhun, Aarti, Rudraksha etc. He provided information about the three incarnations of Shiva, Hanuman, Durvasa and Avadhut.

Bhanubhai Vyas sang Hanumanji’s hymns and Smt. Jyotiben Vyas sang Shiva bhajan in a soulful tone, RanjitbhaiBharucha sang beautifully with Rudrashtakam music composed by Tulsidas.

Bhupendrabhai Suthar announced the names of the members whose birthdays come in the month of March. And Shri ArvindbhaiKotke’s song ‘Bar Bar Yeh Din Aaye, Tum JiyoHazaro Saal Happy Birthday to You’, sent birthday wishes to Gai Surve. Dilipbhai Patel showed a video showing the melodious sounds of different types of birds.

Gujarati folk songs program was successfully managed by Bhupendrabhai Suthar and Mr. ArvindbhaiKotke. Nine brothers and sisters participated in today’s Navneet BharyaprogramShri Arvind Kotke performed invaluable songs of Gujarati literature like ‘Mara Bhola Dil No’. The artists gave a very beautiful program which was enjoyed by all the members.

 Professor Sharadbhai Shah ‘Like to know’. .Chandrakantbhai Patel, a member of the ROBARI, described his personal experiences and experiments on the subject of “Physical health and fitness”. They performed magnetic rotation, various Yoga asans, breathing exercises, stretching exercises etc. They explained the importance of nutritious diet, regular exercise for senior siblings. Controlled consumption of sugar, salt and rice, green vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, etc., to maintain good health, he said.

Treasurer C.V. Desai gave detailed information about the Corona virus andasked to put the clock one hour ahead in view of daytime saving on 15th March.

President Dr. Narasinhabhai Patel and Shri Dilipbhai Patel thanked speakers. Members were thanked for participating in the event. And announced the completion of the meeting.