Gyan Vikas offers free health-improvement

web8NEW YORK: Sri Sri Gyan Vikas Kendra, an India-based nonprofit organization, is currently conducting a series of programs aimed at improving health of Indian-Americans and others, who are keen on not only bolstering their physical health but also their mental abilities.
The program, whose formal name is “Advance Plus Course,” is being held under the guidance of Sri Sri Guru Sudershan Ji. The course is open to people of age 18 and above and is free of cost. Among others, the course is aimed at a stress-free life, controlling one’s anger and irritation, eradicating misunderstanding in marital relationships, ensuring more capability and productivity at workplace, and (particularly for students and other youngsters) inculcating more discipline, concentration and better grasp on their studies.
One such course was conducted at Asa Mai Temple, Hicksville, New York state, last month. The second and third are being held in Richmond Hill, New York City.
The kendra itself is considered a university of sorts. It is a training institute where people, after undergoing the course, will develop their personality and will be on their way to attaining physical and material prosperity. The institute and its guruji preach no religion and after achieving the required knowledge one may practice one’s religion.
Sri Sri Guru Sudershan Ji, the founder of the institute, was born in Jalandhar, Punjab in 1962. Forced to stand on his own feet right from the beginning, he tried his hand at various things. After marriage at the age of 23 and having been blessed with two sons, Sri Sri Sudershanji met with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji in 1997. That meeting changed Sudershan Ji’s life forever. The months and years that followed led to an experience that taught Sri Sri Sudershan Ji how to lead a materially prosperous and mentally sound life. That made him try to replicate his success to people at large.
He went into “Maun Samadhi” (period of silence) in 1998. His efforts bore fruit and in order to achieve his lifetime objective of showing the way to people how to lead a healthy and wealthy life, he set up the Sri Sri Gyan Vikas Kendra in 2002. His movement and the branches of his kendra began spreading. It is not only spreading within India but moving steadily into the US and Canada. Offers to set up branches elsewhere in the world are also being received.
Guru Sudershan Ji has decided to visit abroad where Indian communities live in large numbers. With a view to spreading his message, Guru Sudershan Ji first visited the New York area. This is not his first visit to the area, but actually this is the fourth tour of the US. During his first visit to the area, he taught the same course, which was actually devised here in New York. It is aimed at people who are busier than their counterparts in India.
His original 21-day course was condensed into a week-long one with the same effect and influence on the body and mind. The course includes physical and mental exercises, breathing techniques and lectures on various day-to-day issues that bother the mankind.

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