Hyderabad Muslim community Meet Graced by Telangana Minister & Chicago Iftekhar Shareef

HYD event 1

hyd event 2A.Q. Siddiqui

HYDERABAD: Chicago land’s famous cancer specialist, philanthropist and social activist, Dr. Tajamul Hussain was invited by Media Plus Foundation, Hyderabad for a lecture program on “Indian Muslim and new Challenges”. The Telangana Home Minister Mahmood Ali along with Chicago’s community leader and first overseas citizen of India, Iftekhar Shareef were invited as guest of honor and presided the event.

Telangana Home Minister Mahmood Ali called upon India Muslims to face the new challenges with education and skills. He said Hyderabad remains the symbol of a Ganga-Jamuna civilization where Hindus and Muslims have co-existed for years and will continue so. He advised Indian Muslims to shun passion and act with wisdom and education. He said success in any field depends on character, righteousness, morality and respecting others.

Dr Mohammed Tajamul Hussain, the keynote speaker emphasized on education and skill development. It is very important that Indian Muslim develop cordial and friendly relations with another community member. “98 percent of our fellow country brothers are secular and peace-loving”, Dr Hussain said, “Only 2 percent are communal minded. Meet them with cordially, your higher education and skills.   

No prejudice will stand against education, skill, character and your expertise.”

Dr Hussain advised fellow Muslims to avoid criticism of others. Dr Hussain stressed that the current situation warrants that Indian Muslims should avoid misunderstanding. Indian Muslims love their country as they love their religion, Dr Hussain remarked.

Iftekhar Shareef and other NRIs also addressed the topic. Many NRIs were invited from US and Middle East countries. Iftekhar Shareef presented a memento to Home Ministry Mahmood Ali and Dr Hussain.