India journey towards goal of “One Earth, One Family, One Future.” 

One Earth, One Family, One Future

CHICAGO: Indiaspora, a leading nonprofit organization, has announced  the Indiaspora G20 Forum coinciding with India’s G20 presidency, This salient three-day event, from 22 – 24 August 2023 will be at the Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi, with influential voices from around the world to deliberate on critical issues encompassing foreign policy, financial inclusion, climate change, gender equality, healthcare, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, sports, and trade and investments, and beyond.

Sreekumar Nair, CEO of Indiaspora-India said this forum is a testament to the Indian diaspora’s collective commitment to creating positive change and leaving a meaningful legacy for generations to come.”

The three-day program will feature an array of plenary and breakout sessions, providing a platform for stimulating discussions led by an esteemed lineup of speakers. Drawing from various fields, our speakers include government officials and policymakers, businesspersons and entrepreneurs, accomplished sportspersons, inspiring artists, and dedicated philanthropists, all of whom share a common vision for a better world.

Sanjeev Joshipura, Executive Director of Indiaspora, also shared his thoughts on the significance of the event, remarking, “As India assumes the G20 presidency, the Indiaspora G20 Forum couldn’t have been planned at a more opportune moment. Indiaspora is assembling 200 diaspora leaders from 25 countries to see how we can contribute to India’s journey towards 100 years of independence.

The Indian diaspora, working alongside prominent leaders in India, are committed to harnessing our collective strength to foster inclusive growth, sustainable development, and social progress, as India continues to assume its global leadership policy

The Indiaspora ( is a nonprofit community of powerful global Indian leaders from diverse backgrounds and professions who are committed to inspiring the diaspora to be a force for positive impact by providing a platform to collaborate, engage, and catalyze social change.

India Post News Service

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