Indian Americans Support Israel in thier fight against Terrorism

Madhu Patel

CHICAGO: Indian Americans along with Jews gathered in front of the Consulate General of Israel’s office to express Solidarity with Israel fighting Hamas terrorism They chanted, “We support Israel, No more terrorism etc.” 

One Saumiya, a young Malyalli nurse, working in Israel has been killed in the recent Hamas attack against Israel and her body is being flown to India by an Israeli Airforce fighter, (today her body is expected to be handed over to her kin at Kerala).

IsraelOne Israeli fighter plane has been named Saumiya and their counter-attack on Hamas has been named “Operation Sau” That is Israel.

On behalf of Indians:*, I salute you Israel with gratitude. Let the victory be yours*

An Indian American participant said, “Israel is the only country with backbone. During the Indo-China encounter in the border and when China threatened India about initiating military action, Israel, without any request from Indian authorities, declared, “If anyone declares war against India, they have declared war against Israel.”

India is one of the main countries to fight for the inclusion of Israel into UNO and thereafter Israel has been consistently supporting the Indian cause in the world forum.

Dr Kiran Patel, a front ranking community leader and a former head of AAPI pitched for cessation of hostilities and calm in the regions. He said that the biggest challenge “ as human beings we have is to find a way of using the strength to win friends by helping others than using the strength to win small wars and perpetuate the wars. Of course it takes two to Tango. I am not sure if these religious wars will ever end.

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