JAIN PRIDE: 180 days of Fasting 5th time only on warm water 

Acharya Hans Ratna Maharaj Saheb
Acharya Hans Ratna Maharaj Saheb
Acharya Hans Ratna Maharaj Saheb
Acharya Hans Ratna Maharaj Saheb

Jyoti Dharo

CHICAGO: Acharya Hans Ratna Maharaj Saheb appears setting a new record all the time with his 180-days fasting- a feat that he has achieved for the fifth time over the past few years.

He is a gem of rigorous fasting.  As it is considered very important for the spiritual discipline and development. It involves renunciation of food to maintain self-control and self-discipline to reach self -realization and the ultimate goal of Moksha or spiritual liberation. Called Tapasyait is thus a voluntary acceptance of austerisingof the body, mind and deed to achieve a higher end of life. To conquer one’s soul one has to first conquer one’s own physical mind and body. 

Acharya Hans Ratna Maharaj Saheb, now 56 was born on April 15, 1966 and named Hari Bhai by Raji Ben and Devji Bhai Satra at Mumbai.  At the young age of 13 he renounced the world and entered the life of Monkhood. Under the guidance of his Guru Acharya Shri BhuvanbhanuSurishwarji.

Beginning 2014 Guruji’s began this rigorous tapasya, which since 2018 has religiously become a yearly practice.

  1. 180 days of fasting – Marine drive Mumbai,  – Feb. 2014
  2. 180 days of fasting – Andheri, Mumbai – July 2018 
  3. 180 days of fasting – Sangli Maharashtra November 2019 
  4. 180 days of fasting – Malad Mumbai 2020 
  5. 180 days of fasting – Mumbai January 2022 (12 Dec 2021 -133 fast) 

On 29 January 2022, Saturday, Maharaj Sahib’s ceremonial breaking of the fast will take place in Walkeshwar, Mumbai under the auspicious and holy oversight and guidance of Gachchadhipati Shri Rajendra Suri Maharaj Sahib with over 200 Sadhu’s and Sadhviji’s in attendance.

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