Mahavir Jyot organizes Knee Camps in India

Mahavir Jyot

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Surat, IN: A non profit organization, Mahavir Jyot hosted three knee camp in December 2023 in different States of India (Gujarat and Mumbai) for Patients with the knee problem using modern Blood and Bone marrow stem cell treatment. A totalof 117 patients were treated. These camps are being organized since 2017.

Mahavir JyotThis was 10th camp at Surat -Vesu (K.P. hospital) where total 75 patients were treated, of which 69 were Jain Monks.

11th camp was at Mumbai (Smt. L.D.K. Gala Eye Hospital) where total 42 patients were treated. Of which, 28 Jain monks were treated and general public were charged the minimum with no profit consideration.

In April and May 2023 camps were conducted in Palitana Kutch and Mumbai. The7th camp was at Palitana (Girivihar Trust Hospital) where 44 Jain monks were treated. The 8th camp was at Kutch (Jankalyan Medical Society Cancer Hospital) Mandvi where 19 Jain monks were treated and the9th camp was at Mumbai (Smt. L.D.K. Gala Eye Hospital) where 33 monks were treated and 27 from general public were treated.

In this treatment around 50 ml blood is taken from the patients than processed and injected in same patients knees. Similarly bone marrow was taken from the tibia of the patients, processed and given back to the same patients.

Total expenses were taken care of by Mahavir Jyot organization. Blood work and X-ray expenses were taken care of by respective hospital. These camps are especially for osteoarthritis of knees, elbow, ankle and shoulders joints.

Mahavir JyotThis time patients were from different Jainsampraday. Some Jain monks travelled from far to take benefits of this treatment second time.

In India, the first patient was Harsha Dharod who was treated in 2013. For almost 9 years she did not have pain and now she has pain and she has to go for knee replacement.

Mahavir Jyot team is composed of Jyoti Dharod, Dr Suresh Shetty, Dr Alka Mandke, Minalben Gada,

Nalinbhai Mehta, Hiralben Malani, Harsha Dharod, Bharati Sawla, Krupali Bakshi, Jaya Vora and PankajbhaiDharod

Surat Vesu Under guidance of Bhaktiyogacharya Param Pujya Acharya Bhagwant Yashovijaysuriswarji M.S.

Param Pujya Acharya Bhagwant Bhagyeshvijaysuriswarji M.S.

Mumbai Parla East

Under guidance of GacchadhipatiAcharya Bhagwant

Rajendrasuri M. Acharya Bhagwant Acharya Hansratna M.S.

Acharya Bhagwant Muktivallabh M.S.

Smt. L.D.K. Gala eye hospital trustees

Kuvarnji Bhai Gala&Vinaybhai Nandu and others

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