Mayor McLeod proclaims Nimish Jani Day in Hoffman estate

Surendra Ullal

CHICAGO: On April 25 a large crowd of Indian community leaders and activists of Chicagoland area and many elected officials got together gathered at Verandah in Hanover Park to honor the legacy of Nimish Jani’s 8 years of public service as an elected official. 

Nimish Jani in a Playful mood playing with a child
Nimish Jani in a Playful mood playing with a child

The event was to honor an outstanding community man Nimish Jani who got formally recognized in his area of working, Hoffman Estate village- whose the Ma

yor Bill McLeod proclaimed April 25 2021 as Nimish Jani Day in his village

In 1988 Nimish Jani came to the United States. Arriving with $20 in his pocket and speaking almost no English and virtually having little opportunity for a formal education in a renowned educational institution Nimish educated himself while working numerous hours a day in order to make a living in a country and city

He was seeking to get adapted to this new surrounding and this he had successfully over the years. Starting from zero Nimish got a hand with the community and his newsurrounding nicely He jumped into main steam politics of the area in his town and became a Trustee for the Township of Schaumburg first being elected in 2013 and then re-elected in 2017

In addition to being a public servant, Jani is a successful business owner and has been a 32-year resident of Schaumburg Township.   Applauding that Mayor Bill McLeod observed, “I wish him nothing but best for his future,” declaring April 25 2021 as a NIMISH JANI day in Village of Hoffman Estates.

Deputy majority leader Senator Laura Murphy has called Nimish as a trailblazer of Indian community.

Tributes to Nimish Jani’s outstanding service in Schaumburg Township were paid by a large number of community leaders who had gathered that at the behest of Dr Anuj Gupta, a prominent businesswoman. Nimish acknowledging the warmth and good wishes from all   present offered his thanks to all the elected officials, community leaders, well-wishers& friends who participated in the event.

He gave Special thanks to Hoffman Estates Mayor Bill McLeod for proclamation of April 25 2021 as Nimish Jani Day. He also thanked Mayors Rodney Craig & Tom Dailly, for always supporting him. He was also grateful to Dr AnujaGupta his Team Jani that included Ketan H Patel, Harsh Shah, Haribhai Patel, Ray Shah&others for running an amazing campaign–Nimish has gone on to work in the public service arena. He has assisted in recruiting, mentoring, and leading campaigns for candidates in both local and state offices. He plans to continue his public service work in order to have

Gathering of community leaders honoring Nimish Jani Dr Reddy Dr Gupta Dr Bharat Barai
Gathering of community leaders honoring Nimish Jani Dr Reddy Dr Gupta Dr Bharat Barai

a positive impact on the community that he calls home. He is my friend said Mayor Tom Dally of Schaumburg.

Among the dignitaries were Dr. Bharat Barai, Brian Bieschke, Sanjiv and Rita Singh. Gulzar Singh, Dr. Shrinivas Reddy, KirthiRavoori, Nirav Patel and many more. Newly elected Alderwoman Shweta Baid, Trustee Suresh Reddy and Trustee Sayed Hussaini   praised Nimish Jani for his guidance through their election campaigns.

Through both his business and public service work Nimish has become a well-respected member of the community. He has put focus on assisting individuals seeking to build up their own businesses and helping them navigate through the difficult initial years. Nimish dedicates much of his free time to helping a variety of charities and civic organizations, including volunteering with Boy Scout Troop 496. 

While his business and charitable work are a passion, he gets most of his joy from the time that he gets to spend with his family. He lives with his wife Mita, son Moksh, and daughter Purvain Roselle.  He enjoys cooking and playing with his newly born grandson, Aaryan.  

In a talk to this paper Nimish Jani said “ I am thankful for great opportunity I had to be a public servant as a Township Trustee for past 8 years, I may have lost this election, however the journey I started 9 years ago have inspired so many individuals from our community to run for public office, and that is a big reward and gain that I have had as a community man I continue to be a public servant and no one is going to take that out of me. I will continue my service to community.”