NRI Tolani awarded prestigious ‘Hind Rattan’

Sunil Tolani
Sunil Tolani

The 36th International Congress of Non Resident Indians (NRIs) hosted a Mega Event in New Delhi generating global partnerships by inviting highly accomplished NRIs from various parts of the world.
On the occasion, American Social Entrepreneur and Prince Organization CEO Sunil Tolani along with other distinguished and eminent NRIs were honored with “Hind Rattan Award” (“Jewel of India”) one of the highest Indian Diaspora awards granted annually to non-resident persons of Indian origin (NRIs) by the NRI Welfare Society of India for their outstanding achievements and contributions.

The award is granted at the Society’s annual congress on the eve of India’s Republic Day, in conjunction with national Pravasi Bharatiya Divas celebrations. The award ceremony was attended by The Prime Minister’s office, senior members of the Government, Supreme Court of India, international diplomats and celebrities.

Congratulating the awardees, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said “NRIs have been our brand ambassadors since decades. They are showcasing the image of India by culture, tradition, skills and style of life while dwelling in foreign countries. It will be our duty to keep them sentimentally and emotionally linked for enabling them to make substantial contributions towards the progress of the motherland. NRIs have now become the strength of an economically and financially powerful India. They have always been in forefront to upload the dignity and cause of motherland that is Bharat.”

Upon getting the written confirmation Tolani wrote that “I credit my parents for instilling values and teaching me the importance of promoting ethical and kind behavior. I live by example that greatness is not found in material possessions, power or position, but in goodness, service, good character and humility. I am a human with a heart and soul behind the vast organization and not a heartless CEO. I try to do my best to bring a holistic approach to business as our reach and care goes far beyond the walls of our numerous enterprises and business interests across the Americas.

“We have a simple formula for success as success is not somewhere in the future; success is today, right now. If you are successful at what you do daily, it naturally accumulates and you become successful.

Successful are those who endeavor, preserve, work hard with honesty every single day and integrity focusing on what is important with discipline, energy. They are successful, no matter at what level or what job they are doing.

“I have been fortunate and successful as I’ve taken the road less travelled being a risk taker and rather ask for forgiveness than permission. We walk the talk with genuine kindness, benevolence and purpose in many shapes and forms believing in the purpose of life is a life of purpose.

“This Honor is my biggest Trophy and it feels like I have won the Super bowl, the World Series, the Stanley Cup and the World Cup trophy all at once. I will continue to make our Global Indian community even more proud.”

Sunil Tolani was nominated by Mohammed Islam, the founder of South Asian Biz Network (SABAN) a pro-business, leadership, advocacy and social network organization for South Asians in America’s business community. Islam said “We are very impressed with his exceptional professionalism and commitments as a Social entrepreneur.” He remembers a conversation in which Tolani said “I want to grow Prince Organization with ideals and values and not be impersonally mindlessly pursuing material wealth.”

The past president of Indian Association of Southern California (IASC) Kamini Khare said “Sunil Ji is a good example of what a man should be on a daily basis. What a man does with conscious dignity with his intact family and personal poise. I’m sure anybody who has met him is not surprised by his meteoric rise as he walks the talk and proves, it does not matter where you start , it matter where you finish with hard work. His story is a story of how dreams turn into reality.”

“Sunil is the pride of World Sindhi Community,” wrote Dilip Butani, a past committee member of the Sindhi Association (SASC) and President of Lions club little India. “When I get him on the phone, he’s likely to be in CO, TX, MIAMI, NYC or somewhere in the world as he is to be in L.A. He works very hard and everyone who surrounds him wants a piece of him.”

Ashok Patnaik of United Federation of Indian Community says, “Sunil truly is a humanitarian as any non-profit needs a donation, sponsorship or a piece of electronic for a raffle, his name comes up and we cannot think of any non-profit he has said no too.”

Past President of Lions Club Maninder Sethi wrote on his Facebook post “Sunil, you have achieved a greatness that will last longer than any glory of awards. You have nothing to prove and are your own man. A man I know, I admire and am proud of. My son John Sethi also admires you for the great advice, roadmap to success and brilliant discussions you always have with the youth. Many can look up to you and say, ‘Hey, that could be me one day.’ Congratulations for being nominated and winning the Bharat Ratan Award 2017, the most prestigious of awards for Indians living abroad who aspire to raise the bar for bringing laurels to their motherland.”

Deepak Singh, Convener of the Society, wrote in a memo to the selection committee that “Tolani has the highest values, greatest interests and deepest passions for living a life full of giving and always willing to donate time and money to philanthropy. He is turning into an icon of kindness and compassion. Sunil Tolani Ji is a shining star. The World NRI community celebrates his lifelong commitment of Social Service. We congratulate him on receiving the Award and hope he always keeps shining.

“Society promotes unity, progress, friendship & co-operation by organizing seminars, conferences and symposia at national and international levels in different parts of the world and also honor NRI men and women from various parts of the world to recognize their work, contributions and achievements of NRIs. Those who left the country empty handed and made a respected place for themselves outside the country. Thus, also contributing their might in strengthening India’s economy for keeping the “Flag of India high. Life is about doing good and executing positively, He has executed. We’ve become big fans of Tolani Ji,” Deepak concluded.

Dr Hiro Badlani, an author on Hinduism, said “Glad to see you doing your best to make a mark in the community being civically involved and supportive of various organizations and different religions. We are very impressed with the charitable and social activities that you and your family are so involved. Greatly appreciate your ‘Service’ spirit to involve your two sons also at such a tender age and happy that your sons are being groomed in the right cultural and moral manner by you and Neelam.

Our Hindu culture of over 7000 years had probably its beginning in our homeland Sindh! We must inform our children about this with great joy and pride! We offer our best wishes and pray to God to give you both more strength so that you continue to serve the community at large. My best wishes for all family.”

The NRI Welfare Society of India serves to link members of the Indian Diaspora with the Government of India. NRI Society is registered with Government of India under Societies Act of 1860.

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