Open Mosque Day at Islamic Center

MOSQUECHICAGO: The Islamic Center of Naperville (ICN) is hosting their 6th Open Mosque Day on Sunday, April 15 from 11 am to 5 pm in Naperville, a south west suburb of Chicago.

Shoaib Khadri, President, ICN said that there will be booths that present different aspects of Islamic faith where people can ask questions, get an opportunity to meet the Imam (religious scholar) and discuss any topics with him, interact with people from the mosque’s congregation, observe the afternoon congregational prayer (which is at 1.30 pm), get a tour of the mosque; the ladies can get henna on their hands and try on a hijab (head scarf); visit their showcase exhibit called “Journey through Time” – a multi-media experience; stop by a booth where guests can get their name written in Arabic calligraphy; fun activities for kids; ICN’s new added Art inspiration gallery and much more.

Yousuf Siddiqui, Chair of ICN’s Outreach Committee, said that the primary purpose of the event is to open the doors of their mosque to neighbors, friends, colleagues and, just about anybody who is interested, to give them an opportunity to visit a mosque.

Refreshments from the Middle East and South Asia will be served with a dedicated area for people to sit around, eat and interact in a warm, friendly and informal setting – an opportunity for people of all faiths to get to know each other better. The event is free and ICN is happy to welcome anybody who is interested in joining them.
ICN is a non-profit organization that provides religious services, programs for the youth and adults, charitable donations and education with an emphasis on promoting communal harmony through interfaith activities for the past 28 years

Ashfaq Syed