Sadhguru kicks off Mystical road trip through United States

Sadhguru kicks off Mystical road trip through United States

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McMinnville, TN: Does the legacy of a land have an influence on its people? How does human suffering of centuries past impact the present and the future? Uncomfortable questions that few would attempt to answer – unless of course you are a Mystic with a deep understanding of Life and how this Living Planet is a constant interplay of influences on everything it nurtures.

In a 6,000-mile journey that will explore both the internal and external landscapes of the United States, Sadhguru will ride from Tennessee through over 15 states to explore the history, culture and modern lives of Native Americans. ‘Of Motorcycles and a Mystic’ is an exploration of the Indigenous legacy of the Americas and the five hundred years since the arrival of European explorers in the 15th century. While they faced historical destruction and dislocation, America welcomed the world to her shores, scripting a national destiny of innovation, adventure and commerce as the country focused on robust nation building.

Sadhguru revealed his profound connection with the land of North America. “I was drawn to this place not for its beauty but more for its pain. In 1999, I was at the Center Hill Lake and I happened to encounter a frozen spirit, bleeding with pain. And it was then I started noticing how there’s such a deep sense of pain in many parts of this land, which whether we are conscious of it or not, will play out in human lives. Untold suffering will simply happen without any reason,” said Sadhguru, who established the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences on the spectacular Cumberland Plateau, the ancestral land of the Cherokee Nation.

“It’s much later that I came to know historically this is known as the Trail of Tears,” he said referring to the region. “Like we have witnessed in many places, those who are in tune with what’s around them, the quality of those people, whether it’s joy or pain, wherever they sit and stand, it sticks around.”

Sadhguru’s month-long trail beginning September 15, 2020 is an attempt to delve deeper into an Indigenous cultural mosaic that has captured the imagination of people not just in America but the world over, for centuries. Though there are a large number of cultural beliefs and practices, a common Native worldview is that the cosmos and Earth are a living womb that sustains all things, all life is animated by a great spiritual force and human beings are responsible for taking care of and respecting all of creation. They have an intimate connection with the land, the elements and natural forces. Sadhguru’s trail will explore some of the similarity between Indian and Native American mysticism, both of which are deeply rooted in the elements.

Sadhguru began his journey on Mahalaya Amavasya, an auspicious day of ancestral remembrance. Originating at the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences, Sadhguru’s journey will take him through Cherokee lands, Comanche country and the Mighty Mississippi passing through the states of Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Colorado and circling back to Tennessee. People around the world can tune into Sadhguru mobile app for all the exclusive updates from this mystical journey.

According to the US Census Bureau, 1.5% of the American population comprises Native Americans and Native Alaskans – an estimated 4.5 million people.

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