Saratoga Councilman Rishi Kumar wins re-election comfortably

Varun Kapur at the election night party in Saratoga on November 6, hosted by Kalpana and Raj Jaswa. More than 100 supporters of Rishi arrived at this election night party, expecting a thundering victory and were not disappointed.

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Updated Dec 11th: The 2018 election results were certified by Santa Clara County on December 5th 2018.  Of 15,198 votes cast in Saratoga, Rishi got 65% of the votes that equated to 9859 votes – the most votes in Saratoga’s 60 year history. Rishi also got to the top spot over an incumbent mayor for the first time ever in 60 years of Saratoga’s election!!i Rishi’s swearing-in ceremony for the 2nd term is scheduled 7pm, December 13th 2018 at the Saratoga Civic Theatre

SARATOGA, CA: In the recently conducted November elections, Councilmember Rishi Kumar of Saratoga, running for a re-election bid, and a 2nd term on the Saratoga City Council was re-elected comfortably. Rishi is currently holding the top spot in a race that has three at-large spots up for grabs with five candidates running. Rishi leads by 883 votes over the current mayor of Saratoga.

Anyone who ran in a prior Saratoga city council race with the mayor title had always finished on top for 62 years of Saratoga’s history. Rishi was obviously thrilled with the outcome. “I am very excited and energized! The people of Saratoga have spoken and it is good to get a decisive win like this. We owe huge to our campaign team of more than 220 friends and family members from all parts of Silicon Valley, for stepping up, supporting our efforts and accomplishing what we did over a short 10 campaign weeks. Hats off to them for doing what they did to get our positive message of accomplishments with the voters of Saratoga.”

Rishi first ran in 2014 as a virtual outsider for Saratoga city council and won on his very first run with a hard run grassroots campaign that won praises from friends and foe alike back then. Campaigning is definitely Rishi’s forte, having run three Saratoga campaigns before he decided to run himself. The campaign this year was built upon the success of his 2014 run, but pulled together a campaign team that came from all parts of Silicon Valley,.  Impressed by the strong leadership and success Rishi delivered as a Saratoga and Silicon Valley’s leader.

Rishi had become a household name in Saratoga largely because he led the charge in pushing back against super high water rates that were being imposed upon by San Jose Water Company, which also benefited residents of many other cities.  Rishi was also successful in working with more than 50 neighborhood leaders of Saratoga, rolling out new Neighborhood Safety Watch programs, to ultimately drop crime by 47%.  Rishi referenced his campaign tag line, that became very well know during this last campaign run. “During the last four years, I wanted to grapple with the toughest Saratoga challenges and explore options to alleviate Saratoga’s pain. We ran on the campaign tag line “Getting things done” that was backed by some pretty good results for the people of Saratoga that led to Saratogans voting in huge numbers and the show of overwhelming support. We were able to impact the toughest Saratoga challenges, by staying focused and working very hard. This win has emboldened my zeal to do good, serve and do important work in the interest of Saratogans. “unnamed

As a Silicon Valley hi-tech executive, working for Solix Technologies, a Big Data, Software Analytics technology company, Rishi brought the same energy and innovation to city council and the results-oriented approach to Saratoga, as he looked to provide services cheaper, faster and better to his citizens.

“I believe the last 4 years has been a very good story that has played out in Saratoga. I am very thankful for the privilege of serving Saratoga, and through my diligent service I will express my thanks in impactful ways.  I will continue to build upon the proven track record of good, honest, open and collaborative City governance; being an involved, committed, dedicated and vigilant advocate of every resident of Saratoga. I will continue to fight hard to enhance Saratoga’s quality of life issues and take on the toughest challenges that impact a majority of Saratoga’s residents. There is lot more work that needs to be done”