Sen Villivalam reiterates support for minimum wage increase

State Senator Ram Villivalam
State Senator Ram Villivalam

Himani Sanagaram

CHICAGO:  State Senator Ram Villivalam (D-Chicago) is hailing Illinois’ minimum wage increase, beginning July 1 as a welcome boon for working families and individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’ve advocated for paying minimum wage workers a living wage for years, and this increase will be a welcome change for struggling families who need the extra income because of the pandemic,” Villivalam said. “It’s more important than ever to support those who are fortunate enough to be employed and those who are providing essential services.”

The state’s minimum wage increases to $10 per hour on July 1, the second increase in a series of increases required by a law that was supported by Villivalam and passed last year. That law requires the state of Illinois to increase the wage by $1 on January 1 of each year for the next five years until it reaches $15 per hour in 2025.

While this wage increase is a statewide mandate, Chicago and other communities around the state already have higher local minimum wage requirements.

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