Sikh community leader ThakarBasati to run for Township Trustee Position


Harish Rao

CHICAGO: Election mess in Presidential elections in America is almost over, now start the cycle of local elections. In State of Illinois, elections are due on April 6 2021 for Townships, Civic bodies like School board, Library board, Park Districts. 

Candidates are required to have petitions signed by local people showing support for the candidate of their choice.  . If an immigrant signs petition before becoming citizen, it can jeopardize citizenship. Most of the positions are non-political but Townships are political. Both prominent parties Democrats and Republicans select their candidates. If a party can find candidates to fill most of the positions, they can nominate them without petitions with due process thru caucus.

In Palatine, both Democrats as well as Republicans have their slates. From beginning till today, Republicans controlled Palatine Township. It will be the first time that Democrats will control township if they win. Democrats have Melissa Ortega for Supervisor, Township Clerk position Tracy Boland, who is already Palatine Library board member. Matt Flamm for Highway Commissioner. Nathenile Groh, Deanna Santmann, Megan Gawlick and Thakar S Basati for Trustee.

Basati will be the first South Asian American and first Turbaned Sikh to hold that position if he wins. Palatine has the oldest and largest Gurdwara in Midwest but there is not much active participation in politics. Now there is also Swami Narayan temple, so there is plenty of Asian population but not representation in civic bodies.

Basati ran for Township clerk in 2005, but wasn’t really ready and lost. Now demographics have changed a lot. Continuously, Democrats are winning in all Presidential elections here. For last 6 elections, all Congressmen here have been Democrats. In Illinois, there are 1400 townships. And Cook County has 29. City of Chicago has none. There are 17 other counties that have no township. Townships usually take care of unincorporated areas. They run food pantries, Property tax appeals, handicap parking sticker, transportation services for Senior Citizens, medical help, reduced fare card, general assistant and needy people help. For all these services, they tax local residents. Townships can abolish some positions like highway commissioner.

If anyone wants to help Basati win in this election, he can write check to Democrats for Palatine Township or D4PT and mail to Basati 746 N Victoria Dr, Palatine, Il 60074. Donations can also be sent to or to No money should be accepted from out of America due to strict laws. There are various ways to vote. People can ask for mail in votes. For Cook County residents they can go to One can always do early voting or the day of voting.

For any involvement in elections or to get more info regarding elections or by phone 847-736-6092.

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