Sikh Environment Day celebrated in Orange County

Ecosikh Kids
Ecosikh Kids

SANTA ANA: In collaboration with EcoSikh, The Sikh Vatavaran Diwas was celebrated on March 17 at the Sikh Center of Orange County. This day is celebrated throughout the world every year during the week of March 14 to coincide with the enthronement day (Gurgaddi Diwas) of the seventh Guru of Sikhs, Sri Guru Har Rai.

The local Coordinator for the Sikh Environment day for Sikh Center of Orange County, Dr. Ginny Kaur Chawla, implored all the Sangat members to share what the gift of air, land and water means to all of us and celebrate the message of “Pavan Guru, Pani Pita, Mata Dharat Mahat”. Sikh Center of Orange County started a pilot project to test their shift from styrofoam to steel plates. The celebrations included the kirtan and shabad vichar and langar in steel plates. Kids contributed with their special art exhibition on Sikhi and nature conservation.

The children of Guru Nanak Children Academy and the Sangat members of the Sikh Center of Orange County coordinated and performed the following activities in Santa Ana Gurudwara Sahib, on this day:

a) During the GNCA (Guru Nanak Children’s Academy) assembly, Gurpreet Bicky Singh discussed and shared with the kids what they can do individually, as a family and as a community to be more eco-conscious and emphasized the importance of “reduce, reuse and recycle”.

b) The Principal of GNCA School, Mrs. Sukhjit Dhillon reiterated the importance of being eco-friendly and urged the kids to keep the environment clean around them.

c) Sahej Kaur Chawla, 12 year old student of GNCA, coordinated the poster board signing for GNCA children to decorate and express themselves. Kids expressed their ideas how they plan to implement the Ecosikh values in their day to day lives.

d) Kids Keertan Jatha rendered a beautiful Shabad in keeping with the theme of being Earth Friendly.

e) This was followed by EcoSikh Power Point Presentation about “Sikh Vision on Environment” and Two short vides on how Gurbani relates to environment.

f) Ecosikh flyers, posters and banners decorated the Gurudwara Sahib at various places to create awareness about being more considerate towards our environment in all our daily dealings and decisions, especially using of Steel or reusable utensils during langar.

g) Sangat members wore green color so as to look eco friendly

h) Dr. Arinder Chadha initiated the use of stainless steel thalis on that day. Langar was served in stainless steel thalis / plates that inspired everyone to limit the use of disposable cutlery and save environment. Paper cups were used instead of the Styrofoam cups. Volunteers from Sangat were seen in large numbers helping with washing the dishes.

According to Dr Ginny Kaur Chawla , the experience was very heart-felting where all the Sangat members including the kids joined together to express the awareness and need of protecting our habitats, keeping our Gurudwaras, homes and surroundings garbage free and keep our planet beautiful.

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