Sikh Senior Citizens learn about healthy eating

Ms Deepali Aul
sikh eating
Ms Deepali Aul

CHICAGO: Sikh Senior Citizens held their monthly meeting at Palatine Gurdwara Sahib on April 4. The topic was Healthy Eating presented by Deepali Aul,

Deepali, with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics , Masters in Public Health and certified in Holistic Health Coaching by Integrated Institution in New York, brings the philosophy of “you are what you eat every day”.

It was a highly interactive discussion. Deepali started by asking people who have Diabetes and Heart issues, people who have just heart problems, people who have just Diabetes and people who high blood pressure. People with Diabetes and Heart issues have to really watch what they eat. She stressed the need to consume more green vegetables instead of meat and dairy products.

She suggested not eating raw spinach but sauté vegetables including spinach. You can’t lose weight by just eating salads. Replace salad dressings with home made cilantro mint chutney with little vinegar and lemon. Regular exercise including Yoga is very helpful.

Cooking Langar in Gurdwaras also came up for discussion. She suggested using slightly cooked vegetables instead of Pakoras in Karhi. Do not use water that you soak Rajmah or Kabuli Chana. Instead use it to water plants to have less gas problems.

For people with Diabetes, she suggested starting the day with warm water, then organic Oatmeal. To cut time, one can soak it in water, and then cook with whole milk. You can add some almond, walnuts, date to sweeten it and green cardamom to flavor it. Also add flex seed powder. Eat fruit after breakfast only and up to 4 pm but not after that. Eat apples, oranges, berries and water melon. Pomegranate homemade juice is better than premixed.

Drink water until your urine color is white. Eat limited amount of walnuts as they are acidic, so is lemon. Deepali is not in favor of reduced fat milks. She prefers organic whole milk. Talking about bad Cholesterol she said it starts even before you are 17 years old and is recognized by big belly with high triglycerides. People may have blocked arteries and not know it. Best thing is to do CT Angiogram.

People with heart problems should cook with white Desi Ghee or Mustard oil and avoid Coconut oil. You can also use Avocado oil. Eat more green vegetables. People, who are on Statin medications should avoid Chia seeds. For chapatti use whole wheat flour. You can add fresh Methi leaves. Mix it with Greek yogurt instead of water. She hates microwave. She highly advocates locally grown vegetables. Vegetables that are trucked in from out of states, takes months to reach consumer and are protected by medications that aren’t good for you.

She suggested not to use potatoes that start turning green or started sprouting. They have high Sulphur. Sprouting seeds are good and should be consumed. She recommends less use of meat or fish, because of excessive use of medicines in their production. Use Salmon from sea. MahiMahi is ok too. Use tenderloin meat once in a while. She prefers more use of cucumbers. She is also fan of Swiss Chard, Kale, Mooli leaves, beets, Karela

People with hypertension, should cut down on Iodized salt, instead use Sea salt or Pink salt. Reduce Indian pickles due to high salt content, instead use Podina chutney. Don’t worry about Iodine intake; you can get enough from green vegetables. For wine she recommends Cabernoug instead of Merlot or Red Wine, one glass a day. Deepali can be reached for more information at 630-667-6003.

Seniors hold monthly meeting on 1st Wednesday of the month at Palatine Gurdwara Sahib from 4pm to 6pm at 1280 Winnetka Street. There is lecture on some helpful subject from 5pm to 6pm. Seniors also have monthly lunch on 3rd Wednesday. They also provide free rides to and from Palatine Train Station on Sundays from 10 am to 1 pm on pre-arranged rides. For more info please contact S Surinderpal Singh Kalra at 847-305-9119, or

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