Skillful empowered youth is a guarantee through spirituality

Sant Nirankari Mission,
Sant Nirankari Mission,

C.L. Gulati

Need for Youth Empowerment

Human life is considered a unique blessing being the crown creation of universe. This uniqueness, however, lies not merely in the birth as a human being but in the achievement of purpose for which it is meant, and that is awareness about self. The one who is not aware about self cannot be at peace, and the one who is not at peace cannot foster peaceful co-existence. Self-awareness means self-realization through God realization. In absence of Self-awareness, the power to be resilient and ability to take over failures reduces drastically. While education and skill development is the need of the hour to contribute to growth of economy, spirituality gives the power to steer through failures and fears through faith and spirit of teaming.

Empowering Skilled Youth with Leadership quality

Awareness provides list of opportunities and possibilities where we as youth can contribute and participate. It is extremely happy situation when a country gets into hands of government that has vision to expand economy through new initiatives and start-ups. Key thing is to have skills in young people to take-up and execute the initiatives. With efforts to grow skill-learning, the expansion is inevitable. However, there is one key obstacle in starting new initiatives, which is to win over the fear of failure.

This fear of failure may not allow a person to kick-off an entrepreneur or may cause inertia in re-starting the activity if there are initial failures. Religion has a very important role to provide resilience and drive to move forward with full motivation. If the individual does not have belief in his own strengths and lacks ability to team-up, he is likely to not succeed even if he/she is highly skillful.

Empowering youth is crucial. Their number in the world is 1.2 billion between the ages 15 and 24. ECOSOC-UN, to bring their potential as problem-solvers, innovators and actors for development. Youth is cut off from noble values and rich cultures. Sant Nirankari Mission is hyper focused to channelize youth energy to positivity and creativity, ensuring that SKILLs manifest in success and growth.

How does Spirituality work in growing Leaders?

Youth needs to apply all his ability and passion to logically explore, scientifically argue, intelligently brainstorm and come to conclusions and decisions. No decisions are wrong till the time they are made with full awareness. Youth just needs to keep one thing in mind that they better be wise and not just clever. Just being clever can win us arguments but will not bring us the joy. Wisdom is where the cleverness needs to grow into, to ensure that youth takes his / her charge of life in most optimal manner.

Youth empowerment examines dimensions of psychology, community, organizational, economic, social and cultural. There could be numerous programs, ways and methods to promote empowerment in these areas; but the root lies in understanding of self. If I don’t know myself, how would I use myself in the best manner. If I don’t know how to handle knife, I would cause more harm than using it appropriately. The immense source of power that lies inside needs to be well understood to ensure the optimal application of the strength and passion that young people have. If we call that self-control, then it appears to be taking away the freedom. So, it better be taken as self-understanding, self-awareness and self-consciousness. If we do things unconsciously, all our actions – whether good or bad, would result in accidents. If we are extremely conscious and aware of everything that is happening around and within, our cleverness would start melting into wisdom and our desires would start melting into fulfillers.

Such attitude can come only through Spirituality that makes us self-confident. This takes away the fear, gives us the motivation powered by faith, which has been termed as ‘GODFIDENCE’ by Nirankari Mission. Once the person gets the ability to handle fears and failure and knows how to team-up with people around, he or she can use his/her skills to the growth to achieve desired economic and social wellbeing.

A Spiritually Brave New World is solicited.

There is a need for political parties to include a Manifesto of ever-healthy, ever-wealthy and ever-happy life and also of divine sovereignty before all people. This goal can be realized by all section of society based on Divine knowledge. We could call it a Partyless manifesto, as it should be the backbone of all parties.

Looking more in the mind than mirror, spiritually awakened believe that life gets a meaning, if it is a lived for others. They assert that all their assets, material and mental belong to God and we, as trustees only, are ordained to use them for common good of the whole human face. “All to give all for all”. Keeping in mind the watchword, “God-fi-dence” they lead a purposeful self-reliant family life and maintain order in the society.

It was exactly this religion in his mind, when William Burke claimed that the religion is the foundation of the society, the basis on which all true Civil Governments rest and from which power derives its authority, laws their efficiency and both their sanction. If it is once shaken by contempt, the whole fabric cannot be stable or lasting. A manifesto that aims to establish a “Spiritual University” or an Institute that has sole aim of educating the soul, to bring forth “A Spiritually Brave New World’

Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj holds Nirankari Youth Symposiums pan India and overseas for focusing on spiritual and social dimensions of the world for vigorously aligning the youth with the ultimate truth through various modalities providing youth a panoramic insight into the blissful world of spirituality. These symposiums are directed to transforming youth into leaders who can deal with ambiguity and are focused on solutions through teamwork.

The Author is President of Sant Nirankari Mission, Delhi