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ST LOUIS: For peace, harmony and general well-being, The Hindu Temple of St. Louis conducted Vaibhavotsavam from September 1to 3 in the form of Homams to all Deities in temple and Srinivasa Kalyanam. Many youth volunteers collected donations for Hurricane Harvey.

Utsavam in reference to worship is conducting of a ritual worship on a grand scale. The Hindu Temple of St. Louis has undertaken elaborate efforts to conduct this event as per Hindu scriptures involving the use of sacred fire. Fire (Sanskrit: Agni) is one of the five elements and is a sacred medium to offer sacrifice to the deity of worship. The procedure for worship of deities is codified in the ancient texts known as the Vedas.

The event started with ceremonial entering of the Yagashala. Devotees who participated in all events were given Deekhsa with clothes to be worn for the next three days.

Agnimathanam, the start of fire by friction for the homam, was conducted. Wooden piece from Arani tree was used to generate the initial fire. Ganesh Homam was performed followed by Mantrapushpam and Prasadam to conclude the Day 1 events.

Day 2 events commenced with the Yagashala Pravesham and Ganesha Pooja. Later Kalasa sthapana and Chatusthana Archana were conducted. The Deities were invoked into the central Kalasa and the four corners of the Yagashala. Sudarshana Homa in the morning session and Chandi Homa in the evening session were conducted as Pradhana Homas. These Homas were followed by Homas to other deities.

Moola Mantra chanting by Priests resonated the yagashala as devotees offered Havis (in the form of Navadhanya) with uttering of Swaha.

The Homas continued on Day 3 with Rudra Homa. Prior to homa, the priests chanted Mahanyasam.
After every homa, Purnahuti was offered with precious elements, Ratnas and herbs in a silk cloth. Priests explained the significance of the rituals and elevated the experience of the devotees. After the Purnahuti of each session, the devotees followed the priests in circumambulating the yagashala.

Srinivasa Kalyanam was performed in the evening at the Dhwaja Stambham in pleasant weather. A large number of devotees witnessed the divine wedding ritual from close. Prasadam was served after every session for three days.

President Sharath Rao thanked Mrs. Padmasai Dammalapati, Chair of Pooja Committee for taking a lead along with Dr. Venkat Dharmavarapu, Prasad Bokka, Prasanna Ayer, Hari Kavuri and Phani Raju Nachu spending hours to organize the event. President also thanked chairs of the committees, Raja Shankar Kasinaduni, Mrs. Rajyalakshmi Naidu, Hema Bagavondoss, Kanta Rao Minneganti and Prasad Swarna for their continued support.

The event was helped by many volunteers including children from temple youth group. Sharath Rao appreciated the support from board for giving an opportunity to conduct such an event on a grand scale for the first time in temple history.

Ashwin Patel

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