Swaminarayan Health Fair helps 600 patients

Health Fair organizing team led by J Thakkar
Health Fair organizing team led by J Thakkar

ITASCA: An annual Health Fair jointly sponsored by the temple, Lohana Association of Greater Chicago, Gujarati Samaj and Kadva Patidar Samaj was held at Midwest Swami Narayan Temple in Itasca on Sunday, September 29. It proved to be a grand success judging from 600 plus participants taking advantage of the same.

Long lines of participants early in the morning show the success of this activity for the last several years. This was the 33rd Health Fair in Chicago land area coordinated by Jayantibhai Thakkar who has been providing his services to the community since 1989. The goal was to provide medical check up to all those who may not be able to afford it due to lack of insurance and medical coverage problems. The health fair provided free medical checkup for more than 600 participants.

More than 25 doctors and 100 health care professionals provided their volunteer services on this day. Registration and front desk services were provided by Manubhai Shah, Nareshbhai Dekhtawala, Naliniben Shah, Devika Trivedi and Bharati Desai. Vital data such as height, weight was done by Krunal Vyas, Birju Thakkar and Anish Raju, blood pressure and pulse was measured by Dr Babubhai Patel, Dr Samir Patel, Dakshaben Thakkar, Manali Thakkar, Dhirisha Bhatt and Chhaya Shah. The Blood Sugar testing and consultation was also done.

A team of 15 plus volunteers and medical professionals were very busy at the blood draw tables. Blood samples of 529 patients were collected. These samples were sent to the University of Illinois Medical Center laboratory for testing. The reports will be reviewed by the doctors and will be mailed to each patient within three weeks with follow up instructions and remarks by the doctors.

Urine analysis was performed and patients were seen by Triage physicians Dr Hitendra Patel and Dr Ruchi Parikh who recommended blood, urine, bone density and EKG tests as required.

Physical examination and physical consultation were provided by Dr Pratima Shah, Dr Ashok Shah, Dr Jayashree Raju, Dr Manish Brahmbhatt and Orthopedic consultant Dr Ankur Chhadia.

Bone density tests were performed for females over the age of age 45. The testing was done by Sarah Ro, Carla Zhang, Scichu Gan, Francis Jin and Ranjana Shah. About 170 bone density tests were performed and consultation was provided.
There were five machines to provide EKG tests for male and female patients over the age of 55. EKG results were interpreted by Cardiologists Dr Samir Shah and Dr Vijay Patel. About 190 EKG tests were performed. Dental examination and consultation were provided by Dr Nita Patel and Dr Falguni Patel.

Nutritional and diet consultation was provided by Dietitian Darshana Vyas. Information on diabetes and blood sugar was provided by Diptiben Shah and her team.

This Year, Acupressure treatment was provided by Chimanbhai Bheda and Hansaben Soneji. Many people were interested in this treatment and found it very satisfactory. Long lines were seen for these services. The testing continued well beyond the completion of the fair until 2 pm. Hearing testing was provided by Chandra Shrinivas.

Physical Therapy and necessary exercise were shown by Dr Vimmi Thakkar and Pulin Thakkar. Free flu shots were given to people over 25 years of age to get ready for the winter flu season. There was a long line for Flu shots.

At the end of the Health Fair, Jayanti Thakkar, Health Fair Coordinator; Jagdish Patel, Midwest Swaminarayan temple’s President; Suryakant Patel, Gujarati Samaj’s President; Vijay Patel, Kadva Patidar Samaj’s president and Bhavik Thakkar, Lohana Association of Greater Chicago’s President, expressed thanks to all volunteers for their dedicated services. The Temple provided, hot tea, orange juice and snacks for patients and lunch for volunteers.

Surendra Ullal

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