Tamil Vetri Nadai Odu (TVNO’24): A landmark event in the Tamil Community

Tamil Vetri Nadai Odu

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On May 11th, the vibrant Sunnyvale Baylands Park became the epicenter of an extraordinary event – the Tamil Vetri Nadai Odu (TVNO’24). Organized by the SFBATM, this event marked a significant milestone as the Tamil Mandram introduced its first-ever Half Marathon, 15K, 10K, and 5K run/walk. The event witnessed a remarkable turnout, bringing together community members, athletes, and supporters for a day of health, fitness, and camaraderie.

A Day of Celebration and Achievement

The event kicked off early in the morning with participants brimming with enthusiasm. From seasoned runners to casual walkers, the inclusive nature of TVNO’24 ensured that everyone could take part in this memorable occasion. The course, set against the picturesque backdrop of Sunnyvale Baylands Park, provided an ideal setting for the runners to test their endurance and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Community Collaboration

TVNO’24 was made possible by the generous support of various sponsors and community partners. Profit.co, the title sponsor, played a crucial role in backing the event. Aappakadai USA, the food sponsor, ensured that participants were well-nourished with delicious meals. Community partners such as SEEEDS, CIF, SKYYOGA, UPF, ATEA, AiA, and Sports Basement contributed significantly to the success of the event.

Sports Basement, in particular, joined as a community partner and offered a 20% discount to participants, alongside honoring the top runners with special accolades. This partnership highlighted the community spirit and collective effort that drove TVNO’24.

Honoring the Participants

The highlight of the event was the awards ceremony, where top runners were recognized for their exceptional performance. Medals were presented to the winners, symbolizing their hard work, dedication, and achievement. The joy and pride were palpable as participants and spectators celebrated together.

Looking Ahead

The success of TVNO’24 has set a new precedent for community events organized by SFBATM. It showcased the power of collective effort and the positive impact of promoting health and fitness within the community. With the overwhelming response and positive feedback, there are already plans underway for next year’s event, promising an even bigger and better experience for all participants.

Join the Movement

TVNO’24 is more than just a marathon; it’s a celebration of community, health, and perseverance. Whether you’re an avid runner or someone looking to make a positive change in your lifestyle, this event welcomes you. Mark your calendars for the next edition, and be part of this historic movement.

For those who missed this event, registration for virtual for 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon still open. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of something special.

For Registration: TVNO Registration

Event Video: Watch on YouTube

Heartfelt Gratitude

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for making the Tamil Vetri Nadai Odu (TVNO’24) a grand success. Your enthusiasm, spirit, and dedication made this historic event unforgettable.

A special thank you to our sponsors, volunteers, and community partners, especially Sunnyvale vice mayor Mr.Murali Srinivasan and Santa Clara Education board member Ms. Tara Sreekrishnan for their unwavering support. Together, we celebrated fitness, community, and the joy of achievement.

Thank You TVNO Volunteers

We are profoundly grateful for your tireless dedication and hard work that made the Tamil Vetri Nadai Odu (TVNO’24) a resounding success. Your commitment, enthusiasm, and relentless effort were the backbone of this event, ensuring everything ran smoothly and efficiently.

Your contributions have left a lasting impact, and we cannot thank you enough for your invaluable support. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

The event was coordinated mainly by Secretary John Pradeep. The president Jeyajulit Antonysamy welcomed the chief guests and kicked-off the race.  The Vice-President Admin Govind Gopal, the cultural VP KR Srinivasan and Convenor Sithuja helped with the hospitality for the walkers and Runners. Treasurer Rajesh Ramasamy handled the lunch and kids fun activities.

We look forward to seeing you next year for an even bigger and better TVNO’25!

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