Tolani firm gives them a second chance

Sunil Tolani
Sunil Tolani

YORBA LINDA, CA: Prince Organization CEO & Social Entrepreneur Sunil Tolani has signed the White House Fair Chance pledge. Tolani brings a business approach to doing good by unlocking potential in the local communities for potential employees like homeless people, young adults disconnected from family, school and work, formerly incarcerated or suffering from disabilities, mental illness and addictions.

Tolani says, “Many women who have sex for money when they run away from their homes due to abuse to support themselves and later on police arrests them, putting them where they land in a detention center. Today a growing number of sexually exploited girls and young women are being rehabilitated instead of incarcerated because of changes in how law-enforcement officials handle prostitution giving them a second chance. Everyone deserves a second chance.

“The business of second chances is everybody’s business. We need to find the moral imperative as a society to secure places in our workforce for those who just need a chance to prove themselves and it must be part of our collective response to keep our streets safe and our communities healthy.

“We’re putting them back on the track of life, love, health, prosperity, helping them find jobs. I want to take a chance. But not just taking a chance, also changing a life, and not just one life but also their family. The ripple effects are incredible. The emphasis on work is strategic-jobs for a future. Work is ennobling as there’s no such thing as a job that doesn’t bring dignity. Jobs create peace in family and the community as they get a new life full of positivity.

Prince Organization has hired team members who got on the wrong side of law, were in prison, corrections, halfway houses. Now they are respectful citizens, model employees contributing positively to the community and society and rather than living on taxpayers dollars, are tax contributing citizens.

“They have demonstrated exceptional turnarounds, their families and friends, probation officers are proud of them, who monitor their continuous behaviors and thank us for believing and employing them,” says Tolani.

India Post News Service

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