Vinay Mahajan honored With IAPC ‘s Lifetime Achievement Award

Vinay Mahajan
Vinay Mahajan honored With IAPC ‘s Lifetime Achievement Award

CHICAGO: Vinay Mahajan, the national President of ITServe Alliance – an association of 2200 + SME US IT companies, was honored with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award during the 9th annual Gala and Awards ceremony organized by the Indo-American Press Club on Sunday, October 8 2023 at the Stamford Hilton, CT.

Mahajan is the President & CEO of NAM Info Inc, a software services firm dealing in software consulting and ongoing software development projects, As the head of this multi-national company, he led the development team for approval of two patents for SAFE, a fire safety APP for high rise buildings. Current projects under development are AI application APAR and browser based universal communication. He recently

Mahajan received the award from IAPC Chairman Kamalesh Metha.  In his address, Mahajan highlighted the many noble initiatives undertaken by ITSErve since its inception in 2010. “ITServe has grown and strengthened in its mission in protecting members interest, enhancing membership benefits, empowering local employment, empowering local community through various CSR programs including STEM education, and empowering ecosystem of innovation and thus maintaining the leadership of US in Technology,” Mr. Mahajan said.

“IT Serve Alliance is led by highly talented individuals, phenomenally successful entrepreneurs, and Innovators who are enthusiastic about giving back to the community,” he said.

Others who were bestowed with Lifetime Achievement Awards during the Gala included;

  • Padma Shri H.R. SHAH (Media & Arts), Chairman & CEO of TV Asia Group.
  • MEERA GANDHI (Philanthropist). She is the founder of the Giving Back Foundation and a recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor (2015).
  • Dr. SAMPAT SHIVANGI (Community service, medicine). A physician, he is a veteran leader of AAPI, recipient of the PBD Samman Award in 2016 and Ellis Island Medal of Honor 2008.
  • SHAJAN SKARIAH (Excellence in Journalism). He is a promoter and editor of the online portal “Marunadan Malayali”.
  • Dr. RENU ABRAHAM VARUGHESE (Excellence in Elder Care). She is an Associate Professor at the School of Health and Natural Sciences, Mercy University, NY.

IAPC was formed to unite the Indian diaspora media fraternity across North America under one umbrella to work together, support one another, and provide a unified voice in front of the mainstream media and the larger community. Every year IAPC hosts media conferences bringing together renowned journalists and media professionals from various countries around the world, and hosts workshops and seminars. For more information regarding IAPC, visit:

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