WAVE brings together best of East & West

Mr. Gary, community leader, addressing Parents at Fremont Event
Mr. Gary, community leader, addressing Parents at Fremont Event

FREMONT, CA: For decades, California has been a land that brings the best of East and West together.

The technological innovation of the West combined with universal wisdom of the East has made California a hub of creation and innovation. The technological breakthroughs and the increasing realization of mindfulness in the last few decades are a testimony to this fact.To further continue the trend of bringing the wisdom of East to the land of academic excellence and innovation, WAVE Global LLC conducted four-day workshop in Fremont for children aged 8 to 18 years.

WAVE Global LLC is incorporated in Texas, the USA with a core belief that everyone in the world has much greater potential than what gets realized. WAVE workshops facilitate the process for youth to experientially understand qualities such as Creativity, Confidence, Focus, Concentration, Clarity, Innovation, Compassion, Peace, Courage, Courtesy, Fairness, Accountability, Love, and Mindfulness so that the highest possibilities of our youth can manifest.

WAVE Global LLC believes academic excellence and professional success can be easily attained if we shift our approach from the current input based learning system that focuses only on certain subjects & topics to an Outcome Focused Learning that helps bring about the qualities we seek from our future generations, such as confidence, courage, courtesy, fairness, accountability, Love, and Peace. WAVE framework (Wisdom Anchored Values Education) was developed by its founder, Mr Mohan Naidu after more than 20 years of experience implementing it in his personal and professional life as a successful management consultant in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North-America.

WAVE Global LLC workshops teach three fundamental things – Learning to learn, Minding the mind and thinking how to think. Participants learn the art of learning, how to control the mind’s wandering nature and get it to stay focused, and how to apply critical, creative, analytical, lateral, out-of-box thinking for decision making with clarity.

Ro Khanna, the United States Congressman from the 17th district of California, appreciated efforts of WAVE Global LLC’s work to bring about a revolutionary shift in the way education is imparted around the world. The Congressman applauded WAVE Global LLC’s efforts to improve the quality of learning by combining wisdom and values education along with academics, which will transform the youth and society in general.

Local community leaders from the San Francisco /Bay area and senior Rotary Club members that attended the graduation ceremony saw the mesmerizing results demonstrated by the children. They have committed their long-term support to take WAVE philosophy and framework across the state, nation and eventually to the world.

After successful workshops at Dallas-TX, Bloomington-IL, Atlanta-GA, Fremont-CA and Denver-CO over the last six weeks (June through July 2017), WAVE Global LLC now aims to expand its work in other cities in the USA and other countries across the globe. You can read about the details of Mission, Vision, Fundamental Principles, etc. of WAVE Global LLC at www.waveglobal.org.

From the tiny ripples that were created by WAVE Global LLC in Fremont, CA in June 2017, we can predict a tsunami of high-quality learning that will be sweeping communities across the United States and eventually around the world, with joyful learning, delightful parenting and outcome focused teaching, all leading to manifestation of a highly evolved society.

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