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CHICAGO: A total of 40 business organizations across Illinois, including 27 chambers of commerce, have joined the fight against the deceptive and destructive progressive income tax amendment, according to the Illinois Chamber of Commerce 

The Chamber President and CEO Todd Maisch said that the progressive income tax amendment is simply a big bag of cash dropped at the door of the State Capitol to spend however it wants.

The Chamber has been organizing its efforts against the progressive income tax to galvanize the Vote No efforts on the Progressive Tax Constitutional Amendment.

Like the rest of small businesses, auto dealers are struggling to recover from major losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Illinois Automobile Dealers Now is the worst possible time to increase taxes on our businesses that are fighting to keep their doors open and their teams employed, it pitched in a statement

Twenty-seven chambers have joined Illinois’ state chambers – the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, the Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce and the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce – in their opposition to the amendment.

The Illinois Chamber is assisting their local chambers by providing information, speakers and personalized landing pages to help chambers inform their communities on how destructive the amendment could be for their businesses, families and local economies.

The Illinois Chamber is focusing on informing voters on how the progressive income tax amendment increases the state’s taxing powers, makes Illinoisans susceptible to multiple income taxes, and will sooner, rather than later, increase taxes on the middle class. It is also distributing media and information on how the revenue from the tax increase is not tied to addressing Illinois’ second-highest-in-the-nation property taxes, billions in bill backlog or unfunded pensions.

  • R of Commerce
  • Technology and Manufacturing Association
  • The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce

Besides the coalition, the Illinois Chamber is also working in cooperation with other partners, including The Coalition to Stop the Proposed Tax Hike Amendment, to expand the reach of their message. More information can be found at: