A Pandemic of older Americans

A Pandemic of older Americans
A Pandemic of older Americans

Vidya Sethuraman
India Post News Service

More than 22 percent of Californians are over the age of 65. 70 percent of deaths from Covid-19 are of people ages 65 and older. Older adults are now struggling with the multiple viruses, including COVID-19, RSV, and the flu.

Susan DeMarois, Director, California Department of Aging said more than 22 percent of the population in California is over the age of 65. 70% of the deaths from the new crown epidemic were over the age of 65. Seniors are currently battling multiple viruses, including COVID-19, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and influenza.

Dr. Tomás Aragón, Director of the State Public Health Agency, said that the positive rate of RSV virus surged in winter, mainly concentrated in children, and the current trend of infection is declining. But flu virus infections are on the rise and haven’t peaked yet. The rate of hospitalizations due to the new coronavirus continues to rise in California, and the death rate doubles with age. It is recommended that everyone be vaccinated with a booster shot, and those with symptoms of infection should be isolated at home and tested immediately and multiple times. The best approach is to take common-sense precautions, especially getting vaccinated on time, using a suitable mask (e.g. N95), testing yourself for symptoms, and developing a treatment plan with your GP before becoming infected.

Ana Acton, Director of the California Department of Rehabilitation, believes that there are more than 8 million elderly people in California, but the elderly and disabled people still face prejudice from the community. The public should also change the way they describe the elderly, emphasizing diversity and the contribution of these groups to society.

Dr. Donna Benton, director of the Family Caregiver Support Center at the University of Southern California, said that during the epidemic, most of the family members who took care of sick family members were their family members, but the health status and work pressure of these family caregivers were ignored. The Independent Living Community provides resources and assistance for these family caregivers 

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